Saudi Electroic University

The Saudi Electronic University Honors Work Team Members on Aligning the Master's Program in Cybersecurity


Her Excellency, The President of SEU, Prof. Lilac Ahmed Alsafadi, has honored the team members who worked on aligning SEU's cybersecurity master program at the Riyadh headquarters. The program has received "Cyber-Edu" framework alignment accreditation among other higher education programs that fulfill the framework's standards and requirements.


Prof. Lilac expressed her thanks and appreciation for the teamwork in their efforts that contributed to developing the cybersecurity program at SEU. She also praised receiving the Saudi Cybersecurity Higher Education Framework (Cyber-Edu) alignment accreditation from the National Cybersecurity Authority.


She stressed that the university is keen to accredit its academic programs and ensure their quality based on quality standards and frameworks, and works on revising them constantly to keep up with the rapid developments in the world.


In addition, the university aims to meet the job market's needs and the Kingdom's vision for 2030 through its cybersecurity master's program, developing human capabilities, and qualifying cybersecurity specialists and experts.


Dr. Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah Aljaber, the Dean of Computing and Informatics College and Vice-Dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research in the college, stressed that this accreditation is evidence of the university's keenness in assessing and developing its cybersecurity programs.  The programs qualify specialized talents in this field, which aligns with the Human Capability Development Program, one of the Kingdom's 2030 vision programs, and a national strategy that aims to promote the competitiveness of human capabilities locally and internationally.


He also thanks the university president for her unlimited support in leveraging all capabilities of anyone who serves the university. In addition, Dr. Abdullah thanks the National Cybersecurity Authority staff and his colleagues who worked on this project for two years to serve the higher education community, especially in cybersecurity, which will benefit our country.