Saudi Electronic University signs a memorandum of understanding with E-Learning and Training Company to implement advanced technologies in developing e-content


Her Excellency President of the Saudi Electronic University, Prof. Lailak A. Alsafadi, and His Excellency CEO of E-Learning and Training Company (Semanoor), Mr. Imad F. Aldaghaither, signed a memorandum of understanding to outline cooperation projects and initiatives between the two parties and employ their expertise and capabilities in the field of supporting local content by adopting advanced technologies and qualifying workforce in the field of digital content development.

This MOU aims to benefit from the university's expertise as it is the first house of expertise in e-learning, the company's expertise in advanced technologies to support digital transformation in education. It also aims to provide exceptional services to public and private institutions in the field of Arabic text processing, documents and data, and developing courses and interactive academic books. Moreover, it aims to support public education and training institutions by presenting a package of initiatives, products, and integrated services, to promote e-learning and distance education in the Kingdom. Furthermore, it aims to cooperate in launching "Global Trends in Virtual E-Learning Exhibition" as a reference for e-learning creators and pioneers in the Kingdom.

Areas of cooperation included digital transformation and modern education technologies, digital content development, virtual classes and exhibitions, and the development of local workforce qualified in the development of e-learning and training content in the Kingdom. Also, it included the availability and protection of software licenses and systems for e-learning management, the use of the latest technologies, practices, methodologies, and e-learning models, and raising awareness and adaptation to transformation trends in e-training and education. Furthermore, it contained providing digital content management courses and safe interaction through e- platforms, cooperation and exchange of experiences in the field of developing infrastructure for virtual laboratories and modern technologies, qualifying students for the labor market in the content industry and providing certificates for this specialization and presenting model projects for e-learning for students, introducing the content industry through informative and educational campaigns, holding events and exhibitions, and cooperating in developing investments in the field of e-content for both parties, by establishing distinctive projects with education, training, and traditional publishing sectors, and developing the e-educational content industry in the Kingdom.

From the Saudi Electronic University, Vice-President for Educational Affairs, Dr. Thamer O. Alhussein, Vice President for Branch Affairs, Dr. Hamad H. Balharith, Supervisor of the International Partnerships Department, Dr. Hamid D. Alsharari, and Mr. Abdulwahab Alfayez, Media Advisor and Journalist, attended signing the memorandum of understanding.