College of Administrative and Financial Sciences organizes several events coinciding with Global Entrepreneurship Week


Coinciding with Global Entrepreneurship Week, the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences held virtually several workshops and discussion sessions via Blackboard, from Sunday, November 22 until Thursday, November 26, 2020. It was managed by the college faculty members, and it was attended by a group of experts, specialists, and those interested in entrepreneurs

hip from inside and outside the university.

The workshops and discussion sessions aim to introduce entrepreneurship, develop project ideas, and stimulate entrepreneurship among youth, ambitious people, and innovative ideas.

The activities of Global Entrepreneurship Week started on Sunday with a workshop entitled: Introduction to Entrepreneurship, moderated by Mrs. Ghada Alenezi, which aims to introduce entrepreneurship closely and how to create a thriving entrepreneurial project through a feasibility study and an effective business plan.

On Monday, a workshop entitled: Entrepreneurship for Small and Intermediate Enterprises, moderated by Dr. Abdullah Alkhorayef, aims to identify the importance of information and know the operational strategy and fundamental decisions of an entrepreneurial project.

On Tuesday, a workshop entitled: Entrepreneurship: The Financial Approach, moderated by Mr. Musaed Alsultan, and aims to identify financial strategies and factors to choose the right source of financing for an entrepreneurial project.

On Wednesday, a discussion session entitled: Education and Entrepreneurship, moderated by Dr. Mansour Albarrak, talked about the role and effectiveness of academic programs in enabling entrepreneurship and the role of universities in providing a supportive environment for entrepreneurship.

The College of Administrative and Financial Sciences concluded the activities and programs of Global Entrepreneurship Week on Thursday with two workshops, a workshop: E-commerce for Entrepreneurs, moderated by Mrs. Wijdan Alhammad, which aims to identify the most important steps for establishing electronic stores to help entrepreneurs to have multiple sales channels. And a workshop: Digital Marketing The Growth Gateway for Entrepreneurs, moderated by Dr. Ibrahim Alhassan, aims to learn the basics of digital marketing and practical ways to run electronic marketing campaigns for entrepreneurs.