Saudi Electroic University

University Vice-Presidency for Academic Affairs Organizes Workshop on Trimester Conversion


In the presence and patronage of Her Excellency the University President, Prof. Lilac Al-Safadi, the University Vice-Presidency for Academic Affairs at SEU held a two-day workshop entitled "The Second Phase of the Trimester Conversion (Comprehensive Conversion)", in the presence of Vice-Presidents, faculty deans, and department heads.


Her Excellency commenced the workshop by welcoming everyone, thanking them for their efforts in the trimester conversion, and motivating them to keep up their effort; for continuity of excellence for the university, as it is a leading government educational institution in e-learning. In addition, she stressed that the University seeks to develop its educational environment constantly to keep pace with the rapid changes by using global best practices, enhancing future skills, developing knowledge and expertise, increasing the quality of academic outputs, and fulfilling the requirements of the labor market.


His Excellency Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Hazza Alsharif, announced the launch of the second phase of the trimester conversion at the Saudi Electronic University (comprehensive conversion) during the opening session.


After that, the first-day workshop sessions began, including several sessions that discussed the work and outputs of the transition phase - the first phase was to assess the changes that have occurred and discuss the comprehensive transition plan proposal - the second phase was the e-curriculum development mechanism. The second-day sessions will present the proposed time plan and focus on general preparation courses, measurement, evaluation mechanisms, and proposed education patterns.


The workshop participants were Prof. Mohamed Alawairdhi, Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, Dr. Hazza Alsharif, Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs, Prof. Maysaa Al-Qurashi, Vice President for Planning, Development and Quality, Dr.Asma Alhammadi, Advisor of the University President and Supervisor of Arabic Online Program, as well as Dr. Lama Khushaim, Dr. Maha Hilal, Dr. Hasan Alqahtani, Dr. Ali Alamari, and Ms. Rana Makki.