Saudi Electronic University Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Tabuk University


Saudi Electronic University signed a memorandum of understanding with Tabuk University to achieve common goals.

The two parties were represented during the signing by His Excellency President of Tabuk University, Prof. Dr. Abdullah bin Mufarah AlThiabai, and for Saudi Electronic University, Her Excellency Professor Dr.Lilak bint Ahmed AlSafadi.

Through the memorandum, the two parties seek to outline all cooperation projects in the field and achieve common interests through the implementation of teaching and communication technologies, as well as providing a training environment that encourages creativity and supports excellence.

The two parties cooperate in the field of digital transformation and modern educational technologies, scientific research and publication, studies and consulting, electronic content design, as well as the use of the parties' experiences in the field of training and education.

Moreover, her Excellency the President of the University accompanied His Excellency the President of Tabuk University on a tour of the Innovation lab, the industrial innovation and Robot Center, and the Clinical Simulation Unit in Tabuk University.

The Saudi Electronic University is working in accordance with its Strategic Plan 2025 to promote community development by establishing and developing many partnerships with the surrounding community.