Memorandum of Understanding between Saudi Electronic University and Al Yamamah University to Exchange Educational and Training Experiences and Employ Modern Technologies in Education


The Saudi Electronic University signed a memorandum of understanding with Al Yamamah University today, Wednesday, at the University's headquarters in Riyadh. It aims to outline cooperation projects and initiatives between the two parties and employ their capabilities and experiences to achieve both parties' common interests, especially in the scientific, academic, training, professional, cultural, and technical development.

On behalf of the Saudi Electronic University, President of the University, Prof. Lilak A. Alsafadi, and Al Yamamah University, President of the University, His Excellency Prof. Hussam M. Ramadan, signed the MOU.

The cooperation areas included five main areas: digital transformation and modern education technologies, research and scientific publishing, studies and consultancy, e-content design, and training.

In the area of digital transformation and modern education technologies, the cooperation aims to benefit from the experiences of both parties in supporting the digital transformation to promote the employment of e-education through the following: training and preparation for the use of modern e-learning management systems, the availability and protection of software licenses and systems for e-learning management, and the employment of the latest technologies, practices, methodologies, and models of e-learning, raising awareness and adapting to e-learning and distance education, providing digital content management courses and safe interaction through e-platforms, contributing to delivering virtual classroom environments and providing a secure internet to run the educational process, cooperation and exchange of experiences in the field of infrastructure development For laboratories, virtual classes and modern technologies to achieve quality in e-training, and distance education.

In the area of research and scientific publishing, the cooperation aims to strengthen cooperation in the fields of scientific research and publishing according to the capabilities available to both parties through the following: collaboration in the field of scientific research, research projects and their equipment, and providing researchers with the information available according to regulations and instructions, and cooperation In the field of scientific publishing and printing. Also, it aims to benefit from the scientific capabilities and expertise available to both parties in teaching, supervising academic dissertations and graduation projects, and the services of the Scientific Council of the Saudi Electronic University regarding scientific arbitration of research and books judging the requests for academic promotions.

Regarding the area of studies and consultancy, the cooperation aims to conduct survey, descriptive, analytical, and forward-looking studies, and to provide various consultations through the following: providing studies related to urgent educational and technical issues, benefiting from successful scientific experiences by it, and adapting it to suit the local Saudi status. It also aims to conduct studies to measure contemporary trends of society members, conduct opinion polls to measure the impact of various activities directed at the concerned groups. It also aims to establish questionnaire platforms and polling opinions on multiple issues, conduct studies and research to analyze data, interpret results of the information obtained through it, present an analytical study of globally distinguished e-learning models, and provide a training environment that encourages creativity and supports distinction.

In relation to the area of designing e-content, the cooperation aims to develop creative e-content as an essential issue in the field of e-learning through the following: making use of the electronic courses of the two parties, benefiting from the experiences of both parties in the field of designing various electronic content, and developing it, as it meets the concepts of creative, public and available content among various academic and social groups, and the development of joint electronic programs to serve the community.

In the area of training, the cooperation aims to provide training courses that include the skills required by the labor market and national development in a way that helps develop the young workforce through the following: benefiting from the experiences of both parties in providing training courses that meet the labor market's needs and employing scientific and professional expertise available to both parties in developing electronic training courses in general skills such as soft skills, communication skills, analysis, and critical thinking, as well as in specialized fields such as e-media, law, accounting, management, health, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, advanced technologies, etc. The coordinating includes organizing periodic training courses, practical discussions, and mutual visits to achieve the concept of organization and knowledge sharing and implement it and disseminate the culture of continuous learning and lifelong learning among different age groups.

Vice-President for  Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Dr. Mohammad Alawairdhi, Vice-President for Educational Affairs, Dr. Thamer O. Alhussein, Supervisor of the International Partnerships Department, Dr. Hamed Alsharari, and General Supervisor of the Public Relations and Media Department, Dr. Omar A. Alshaya, and from Al Yamamah University, Vice-Rector of the University, Dr. Walid M. Abanami, Dean of College of Engineering and Architecture, Dr. Hessa A. Alsalama, General Director of Strategy and Business Development, Dr. Yousef A. Alrashidi, and Director of the Communication Department, Mr. Muhammad S. Aldrees, attended the signing of the agreement.