Faculty Members Affairs Department

Faculty Members Affairs Department


Follow-up recruitment and employment procedures in the SEU.

Review, cancel or renew travel vouchers for faculty and those who are in the same category.

Review appointment contracts and contract termination and file closing procedures for faculty and those in the same category upon directives from authorized personnel.

Follow-up and maintain faculty information in the SEU database.

Process retirement files for faculty and those in the same category when they reach retirement age, and to follow up their financial allowances.

Report work commencement of faculty and those in the same category.

Draw proposals about the social and cultural services and needs of SEU faculty and employees and to suggest ways for implementing those proposals; aiming at finalizing faculty papers and services with minimum involvement of faculty themselves.

Coordinate with various colleges about faculty recruitment and contracts.

Forward contracts requests to the Ministry of Higher Education for processing work permits.

Coordinate with the Ministry of Civil Service concerning approval of contracts for specific positions which need the ministry's approval prior to proceeding.

Process visa documents for contracted faculty and their family members from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Coordinate with Saudi cultural attaches abroad to complete contracts procedures.

Complete contracting procedures with new faculty upon arrival.

Draft contracts specifying annual and other types of leaves for contractees.

Prepare and issue allowance decrees for contracted faculty.

Close employment file of faculty at the end of their contract period or service.

Issue promotion decrees.

Issue new work (resident) permits and to renew old ones for non-Saudi faculty.

Complete the procedures related to issuing re-entry and final-exit visas.

Complete the procedures related to issuing visit visas for contractees' relatives.