Administration of Human Resources - Administrative Structuring Department

Administrative Structuring Department

Administrative Structuring Department


Matching all jobs with the Ministry of Civil Service and providing them with decisions and data of employees and jobs.

Reserve jobs for appointment, promotion, and contracting for Saudis and non-Saudis.

Registering, updating, numbering, updating and updating university jobs in the budget each year, coding and reporting them to the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Civil Service and following up on their registration.

Complete the upgrade procedures according to the statutory procedures and the following, to limit the vacant positions for those who deserve to be promoted and return their data.

Employment transfer procedures, whether by transferring to or from the university, as well as spatial and job transfer procedures.

Complete procedures for transferring jobs and raising them to the Ministry of Civil Service.

Providing the internal authorities with statistics and reports.

Prepare a statement of the jobs to be promoted and a statement of university employees who are eligible for regular promotion.

Follow up on decisions that are not implemented on the administrative and financial system, make sure to update job data and occurrences, review errors and unregistered data and process them.

Record and update the incidents, and attach the necessary documents to the civil service through a documentation system.

Checking and reviewing appointment, contracting and transfer decisions, promotion decisions, termination decisions, terminating the contract, canceling the assignment and secondment decision, and extending the service prepared by the relevant departments.