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​The Administration of Human Resources was established as (Deanship of Academic Staff and Employee Affairs) by a decree of the Council of Higher Education in its seventy-first session dated 14/11/1433Hijra, and the decision of interim committee (in charge for higher education council) No.17/22/1440, which received royal approval of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the Prime Minister and the Chairman of the Council of Higher Education, by royal directive No. 7385/B dated 26/2/1434Hijra.


- To achieve integration and balance between the departments of the administration to provide the fastest and easiest services for university staff.

- To communicate with relevant government authorities.

- To care of financial and administrative affairs for all university employees.

- To create an ideal model of distinctive performance for this vital administration, an exemplary model of administrative standard practice.

- To establish a cordial work relation among faculty, SEU employees and higher administration.

- To construct a comprehensive database documenting the SEU employees' information.

- To create a fair and healthy work environment in which standard practice and regulations are thoroughly applied and upheld, and efforts are made to observe objectivity and transparency.


To carry out financial, administrative and technical supervisor of the DFEA.

To develop work practices in DFEA to highest standards of service.

To carry out recruitment procedures and employment in SEU.

To coordinate employment and increment procedures and practices among SEU employees.

To sign travel orders and documents for faculty, or arrange for compensation, cancelation, or renewal of tickets according to regulations.

To sign decree related to appointment and end of service for contracted faculty upon approval of authorized administrators.

To sign forms for per diems, leaves, increments, and allowances for faculty.

To supervise the professional career of faculty and keep their academic files.

To supervise and administer the SEU employees and faculty database.

To certify documents containing information or academic degrees, and approve the procedures related to payment of faculty financial dues to authorized deputies.

To process retirement files for the SEU employees at the appropriate age and close their financial files with the SEU.

To inform faculty of the details of their contracts and to authorize the payments of allowances according to the contracts according to enforced bylaws.

To report the commencement of work for all the SEU employees.

To propose a plan for social, cultural and recreational activities for SEU employees and faculty, showing how these services and activities can be ideally carried out. At the same time, to endeavor to complete faculty's administrative paperwork and documents without involving them in personal pursuits of these matters.

To perform direct communication and contact with ministries and government departments and other external bodies, observing administrative seniority and protocol.