Vision, Mission and Goals

Vision, Mission and Goals

Vision, Mission and Goals


Enabling the Saudi Electronic University female lecturers to obtain a PhD from leading international universities, and enabling them to lead in their academic field.


Finding alternative ways through which to provide suitable opportunities for lecturers at the Saudi Electronic University who do not have admissions in local universities or do not have the social conditions of scholarships outside the Kingdom, which helps to achieve development and empowering women in society.


Provide the opportunity for university lecturers who hold a master’s degree to complete their higher studies and obtain a doctorate degree from an international university without sending them abroad, in the event that it is not possible for them to travel outside the Kingdom.

Help to raise the level of female cadres at the university and to provide the university with Saudi female faculty members who are scientifically qualified.

Help to exchange experiences between internationally distinguished universities and benefit from the capabilities of prominent faculty members.

Encourage conducting joint scientific research and exchanging experiences between faculty members at the Saudi Electronic University and International universities.