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The Deanship of Admission and Student Affairs

The Deanship of Admission and Student Affairs is considered a pivotal deanship in the life of the university student, as the Deanship of Admission is the beating heart of every university and the main engine for all its members, and the Deanship is the student’s destination to obtain any service from the university in its various fields. Through it, the student’s academic life begins, and it continues to take care of him and provide him with all services until he graduates from the university, armed with knowledge and skills that support him in building the nation.

The university is not responsible for the student’s academic achievement only! Rather, it is responsible for his skill acquisition, so the role of the deanship is not limited to admission and registration processes only, but it serves students and creates the appropriate environment for them to study and to achieve, and it is also concerned with the awareness aspect of the student community to graduate Saudi competencies representing the university’s vision. The Deanship has, in its strategic plan, programs and initiatives specifically designed to achieve the vision and mission of the university built in accordance with the kingdom vision 2030, and to keep pace with modern technical developments and to transfer towards an electronic work environment in accordance with the directives of the wise leadership to shift to implementing the concept of e-government. The university seeks to continue to accelerate and improve its procedures and services, as it is working hard to make the most of modern technologies to facilitate academic operations in a way that serves the faculty member and student alike, while adhering to the highest standards in providing all its services, in an effort to serve this educational entity and develop its outputs in line with the aspirations of our country.

The Deanship of Admission and Student Affairs seeks to exceed and reach the highest professional level by training its employees on the latest specialized academic systems. Where it aims to automate all services provided to students by 100%.