Saudi Electroic University

Saudi Electronic University to Complete Interdisciplinary Scientific Research Workshops Hackathon



The Deanship of Scientific Research at the SEU has launched three virtual training workshops to complement the preparation program for the second edition of the Interdisciplinary Scientific Research Hackathon. The Hackathon was joined experts in scientific research from several local and international universities, faculty members, and students from the SEU.


Through a series of training workshops in scientific research, the SEU aims to educate participants about the values and principles of scientific research, innovation, planning, problem-solving, and motivate them to produce innovative and pioneering creative ideas on several target tracks that are linked to development plans and Vision 2030.


The first workshop, Methodologies and Ethics of Scientific Research, was presented by Dr. Basma Boqas. The workshop described the concept of methodologies and types of scientific research and how to choose the appropriate research curriculum. In addition, it introduced the ethics of scientific research, selection of research problem, data collection, research writing, application of research on human beings, intellectual property, and plagiarism issues.


The second workshop, Statistical skills in Scientific Research, was presented by Dr. Salemah Al-Mutlaq. The workshop described the concept of reliable research data collection methods and mechanisms, statistical analysis methods used to show the content of research data, identification of mechanism, how to codify the content of research data, the basics of statistical analysis, statistical description, analysis of data, selection of statistical hypotheses, methods and mechanisms of presentation of the content of research data, analysis, and interpretation of statistical data results.


The third workshop, Publishing Skills in Scientific Fields, was presented by Dr. Mohammed Al-Homsi. The workshop described the importance of scientific publishing, how to choose the appropriate scientific journal, the primary criteria for publishing a scientific article in a prestigious scientific journal, the necessary actions to be taken before sending scientific research, the characteristics of sophisticated scientific fields, the impact factors of scientific journals, and the steps to send research to the journal and its stages.