Saudi Electronic University Launches its new Portal offering more than 50 Student Services via Smart Devices.


His Excellency, the Rector of the University Prof. Ibrahim Almuaiqel, launched the new portal of the University, today Wednesday, April 22, 2020, via video conference in the presence of the University’s Vice-Rectors, Dean of Information Technology and members of the project team.

In addition, His Excellency launched the University’s application for smart devices, which offers more than 50 services for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Also, WhatsApp service has been activated on the University’s landline phone no. (0112613500), where FAQs are being answered automatically.

His Excellency Prof. Almuaiqel, said that Saudi Electronic University has endeavored to provide a distinguished electronic environment since its foundation, which helps everyone to carry out their work efficiently. Besides, it is continuously developed with the University experiences and strategic partnerships to advance its systems and technical tools.

He added the new portal provides many benefits and services to all University’s beneficiaries, including male and female students, faculty members, and employees of all its branches in the regions of the Kingdom. This portal adopts the highest quality standards and the best global systems and applications, which increases production efficiency and promotes excellence and creativity.

His Excellency, the Rector of the University, expressed his appreciation and thanks to His Excellency, the Minister of Education Dr. Hamad Alsheikh, for his unremitting efforts and continuous follow-up to the development of universities. He also thanked the project team headed by Dr. Khaled Almejalli, Dean of Information Technology, Dr. Sultan Alsultan, Vice-Dean and project supervisor,  Eng. Khalil Alharbi, project manager, and all members of the team for their efforts in launching the University portal with its new look to advance the services provided to its employees relying on the latest systems and technical applications.

From his part, Dr. Khaled Almejalli, Dean of Information Technology at the University, explained that the new portal design is in line with the developments of the University at all levels, utilizing the latest technologies and designs that elevate information Security and usability.


He added that the new portal depends on a multi-layered structure that separates services and content pages, avoiding many security breaches. A content management system (Umbraco), and technical platforms and frameworks (such as Angular) have also been utilized both high quality and open source (no license required), taking into account expansion in services and users or visitors.


He indicated that what distinguishes the new portal is the unified page of services for all university employees, which enables them to easily access all their services without distracting them from different pages and links. Also, providing the smart assistant (Chatbot) that offers quick answers to the visitors’ questions, including those related to admission, tuition fees, and academic programs offered by the University.


In the end, he thanked the Rector for his interest in the project and providing all the needed requirements. He also thanked the Vice-Rector of the Deanship of IT and the project supervisor, Dr. Sultan Al-Hussain, and to all members of the project team for their great effort.