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The university has adapted the most modern merged system using effective technology for the electronic education.

Academic Advising has facilitated students to have a responsibility in education and learning so that they can achieve a great success and improvement educationally and academically.

Academic Advising

Academic advising is the task assigned to faculty members to help students on their scientific achievement in the best possible way and that will be through defined the rules and regulations of study and help them choose the appropriate specialty that match their interests as well as to help them overcome any problems that may affect their learning progress even socially or academically.

The objectives of the Academic Advising

Academic Advising Unit at Saudi Electronic University seeks to provide advising services for students in accordance with their needs and that will help to develop their skills so that they can achieve their scientific goals. Academic Advising Unit also seeks to develop their services to equivalent with international standards applied in different educational institutions.

Some of academic advising services

It may support a new student to develop his/her adaptation with university life through acknowledgment programs that will clarify the rules and regulations of the university for them.

It may develop a student skills of planning so that the student can apply the appropriate study plan that Suit his/her circumstances.

It may improve the student's ability to determine its objectives and choose the specialty that suits his/her abilities and interests.

It may develop the skills of organization and time investment.

It may support the student's confidence.

Rules and Regulations


  • The study plan in bachelor degree usually consists of 8 levels accordin to the approved study plan in the university.
  • Registration usually opens one-week before beginning of each semester according to the academic calendar in the college.

Early registration:

  • It is started at the 10th week of the semester to enroll the semester following.

Postponement (during semester):

  • It can be postponed any semester if a student give an acceptable excuses approved by the Deanship of Admission & Registration.

postponement (courses):

  • Students can withdrawal from one course or more if they apply for postponement with an acceptable excuse by the deanship of admission and registration, before the 8th week of the semester.

Postponement (one semester and more):

  • Students can postpone for one semester and more if they have an acceptable excuse approved by the Deanship of Admission & Registration. The postponement should be submitted before the first week of each semester. 


  • Students whose cumulative GPA is below 1.00 will be placed on Academic Warning.


  • Students will be denied entry to the final exam if their absence totally reached 25% of credit hours or virtual classes.

Absence from final Examination:

  • Students who do not attend the examination will be considered to have failed it.


How to calculate the GPA

Semester GPA =   Total of semester points Total of semester hours

Cumulative GPA = Total of semester points \ Total of semester hours                             

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The responsibility of students

  • Students should have full responsibility for their performance and transcripts in the electronic system.

  • Students should continuously follow up their college department and communicate with their instructors and academic advisors. 

  • It is very important to participate during lectures and discussions.

  • Students have to attend lectures on time and submit all assignments before the deadline.

  • Students should be aware of every details of academic calendar that inform all their deadlines of postponement. 

  • Students should follow up any updating announcements through E-mail, billboard, website (blackboard).

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