College of Health Sciences

College of Health Sciences


A pioneer academic institute that excels regionally and internationally by utilizing advanced learning methods to integrate health information technology with public health concepts.


Our mission is to provide high quality academic programs that are delivered utilizing high technology, through the blended learning model, to graduate competent and highly qualified health professionals that are meeting national and international standards and serve the requirements of health care sector in Saudi Arabia.


1 - Raising the competence levels of ours students to keep pace with the developments of various health sectors in the Kingdom.

2 - Developing the spirit of belonging and proficiency.

3 - Fulfilling the needs of our society by producing highly qualified national health cadres.

4 - Raising health awareness in the community.

5 - Providing appropriate educational environment for students and faculty members.

6 - Offering training and workshops to develop the skills of health staff.

7 - Presenting consultations to develop and support the health system.

8 - Integrating e-learning, blended learning with the field of health informatics.

9 - Promoting excellence in research through interdisciplinary research involving various health specialties and sectors.