College of Health Sciences

College of Health Sciences


The Public Health Department is proud to have faculty members in various areas of public health committed to preparing a new generation of public health practitioners with a leadership character and passionate attitude to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during its study to meet current and future health challenges and help the entire community. We and our students strive to create and innovate ideas using the latest methods and tools to find sustainable solutions to contemporary health problems and issues in society, in line with the aspirations of our government to achieve the 2030 vision to improve the lifestyle of the individual and the family and build a society that enjoys a healthy balanced lifestyle. In cooperation with our partners in the community, we work to build and create a health-promoting environment through research work to identify the most prominent factors and variables and design comprehensive programs to enable all groups of society to lead a healthy life and raise the quality of life for all without exception.

Graduates Skills

Gain basic skills to address public health issues such as controlling infectious and chronic diseases, reducing environmental risks.

Improving access to health care by applying analytical methods to convert data into knowledge, identification and treatment of the effects of biological, psychological, social, and environmental factors on human health.

Evaluating and developing health services and systems by implementing educational programs, setting health policies.

Conducting research to promote healthy lifestyles in society.

Future Careers

Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

Health Promotion and Health Education.

Occupational Health.

Environmental Health.

Public and private health care system

Research and Development


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