Course Equivalency for the Common First Year

Course Equivalency for the Common First Year

Course Equivalency for the Common First Year

Equivalence Method for English Course

1. Student is allowed to equate the English course when he / she obtains the required degree of standard tests approved by the university:

Exam​ Grade
STEP 83​
IELTS 5.5​


2. The approved standard tests for English course equation must be no later than two years from the date of commencing the academic year.

3. Send the request via (English equivalent) in Student Services.

4. The concerned Committee ensure the validity of data and the percentage of student's absence.

Note that the last date of receiving equation inquiries is a week before STEP exam offered by University.


Equivalence Method for Common First Year Courses

Applying for equation for MATH 001, Computer Course (CS 001), Communication Skills (COMM 001), and Academic Skills (CI 001) are required the following:

1. Send the equation request via (Common First Year courses equation) through student services

2. The applicant must be accepted at the university.

3.Content should be matched with the content presented in the Common First Year​​

4.Course completion should not have been more than 5 years. ​

5.The minimum average for the course must be at least (C) GOOD​

6.The number of academic Units (study hours) must be matched with the number of course's study hours in the Common First Year. Two courses may be equated with the Common First Year course to complete the equal number of hours.

7. The educational institution must be accredited by Saudi Electronic University and does not accept private institutes' equivalence. ​

8.Student must provide a certified academic transcript copy.

9.Student must provide accurate and confirmed descriptions for only the course that required equation. ​

10.Course descriptions must be matched with the code and course number in the academic transcript.

11.Student must upload all the required documents above and fill the required equitation sample.

12. Requested equation must be within the registration semester period.

13.Mathematics and computer study's language must be in English. .

14.The applicant must undertake full responsibility of data accuracy that provided to University for requested equation.