Administration of Common First Year - FAQs



General Questions

In pursuit of the Deanship of the Common First Year to help students overcome the difficulties that may face, it collected the frequently asked questions, so the students can get benefit from it. The question categories are as follows:

  1. Fresh students.
  2. Summer semester.

How to access student services

How to log in to SEU (Single sign-on) systems?

After final acceptance, The university will send a message with username and password to the registered phone number to enter the website.

If you have a problem to access the website, please contact us:

Fee payment for new students

When can I pay the tuition fees?

New students can pay directly after the initial admission. However, the payment for second and summer semester are after the end of the course registration period based on academic calendar timetable.

When is the deadline for fee payment?

According to what is shown in the academic calendar available on the university official website, or what is announced according to what is emerging.

Academic schedules for new students

How students can see the academic schedule?

By logging in to the university's website (single sign-on) → student self-services → STUDENT → BANNER → registration → course schedule.

*student can merge the courses of the first semester with the courses of the second semester if the equivalence of the English language course is approved during the equivalence period of CFY courses that is posted in the academic calendar.

Attendance for new students

What is the university study system?

"Blended education" is the system of education approved at the university, and this system requires in-face to face lectures according to the academic schedule  by 25% - 33% and  interactive virtual classes by 66% - 75%.

What is the method used to know the attendance dates for the interactive virtual classes?

It depends on an agreement between teachers and students during FTF classes.

If the date of the orientation coincides with the academic schedule, which one of them shall I attend?

It is best to attend the orientation to familiarize yourself with the systems and get answers to multiple inquiries.

What is denial?

students are not allowed to go to final exams, and they shall be deprived when their unexcused absence days exceed 25% out of the total virtual or FTF lectures, or one of them.

What are the reasons that deprive students from entering final exams?

Absence with an unacceptable excuse for those whose absence rate exceeds 25%. Absence without an excuse entirely for those whose absence exceeds 25%. Another reason the university forces.

Hours for new students

What is the difference between the types of course hours?

Credit hours: are the hours that are calculated for the student in the average.

Earned hours: It is the total number of credit hours that the student has passed or what was equivalent to him and is not counted among the portable courses, this means that if the student carried a course his hours are not counted here.

Recorded hours: The number of hours a student registered in one semester or in all semesters.

First semester 13 hours

Second semester 13 hours

If the student is an employee and needs to provide his employer with a statement of the number of hours passed or a notice of attending an exam?

You can obtain the identification certificate through the Single Sign-On → Academic Affairs → Certificate of Identification.

Summer Semester

Who can benefit from the summer semester in the Common First Year?

Students who stumbled in one or two of CFY courses  (English, Communication Skills, Academic Skill, Computer Essentials and Fundamentals of Math).

Are all the CFY courses available in the summer semester?

Yes, they are:

(English, Communication Skills, Academic Skill, Computer Essentials and Fundamentals of Math)

What is the study method in the summer semester?

The study is conducted by virtual attendance system only, for all CFY courses.

Can the Common First Year students, who have not passed two courses or less, withdraw the summer semester after courses registered ?

 No, they can’t

Are there total grades for the Common First Year courses during the summer semester?

Yes, they are. Grades will be explained by the faculty members via Blackboard.

How can students register in summer courses?

The deanship announces for registration links and CRN courses through university website and the official account of the deanship. Students can register through the announced link.

How can students make sure that the course has been registered?

After adding the subject, you can view the registration status and make sure that it appears (registered). The student’s schedule will also be obvious by entering Student Services → Student → Registration → Student Academic Schedule.

Is there denial from the summer semester?

No, there isn't. Absence from virtual classes affects student’s grades and the study level.

What happens if students could not pass the summer semester?

Student will be suspended from the university.