Administration of Common First Year - The common semester for Law and Digital Media

The common semester for Law and Digital Media

The common semester for Law and Digital Media

Studying System

Study system at the university is based on that student is an active researcher for knowledge and its acquisition. This requires a new vision of learner roles in higher education based on responsibility, self-leadership and learning to achieve academic progress and successes. Therefore, the student holds complete responsibility to pass courses based on University Learning Approach. The university offers modern education depending on the technology utilizing in teaching and learning processes. In addition, the role for faculty member is only to guide and motivate the educational process in order to ensure the learning achievement.

SEU depends on blended-learning approach, which requires students to attend F2F lectures by 25% - 33% including mid-term and final exams according to the region where student registered. The remaining 66% - 75% is distributed to attend virtual classrooms, educational forums, and following-up of the digital education contents.

Adhering to attend at least virtual 12 hours per week in English Language Course through Oxford system which includes interactive activities and virtual classrooms.

Fresh students in the Common First Year are not allowed to request the following academic procedures: (Semester Withdrawal, semester Postponement, course Withdrawal) *The University Council may make an exception from this requiremet if there are convincing reasons

Conditions for passing the joint semester for the Department of Law and the Department of Electronic Media

The joint semester for students of law and electronic media begins in the second semester of each academic year. To pass, it is required to succeed in the required courses: (English language, computer, academic skills).

The equivalence of the English language course is required to get (68)or more in (STEP), or (4,5) or more in (IELTS) , and students who cannot get the required score will not be enrolled in the academic majors that is offered by SEU. In case of that the student does not get the required score, he can get the minimum requirement (45) in (STEP) or (3) in (IELTS) , in addition to the total grade (23) points.

It is required to obtain 60% to pass the courses of the joint semester: (computer, academic skills).

Student cannot register in any faculty courses until passing the English course.

The English course score will not be counted in the GPA and it is considered as a fail or pass course. The rest of courses will be counted in GPA.

In case of failure to pass all three courses in the Common Semester, students shall be suspended from the university.

If the student did not pass one or two courses during the joint semester, he will be given an opportunity to repeat it during the summer semester through (virtual classes) and he must interact with electronic systems without being present.

If the student does not pass all the courses of the joint semester: (English language, computers, academic skills), the student's enrollment will be closed.

The English language course hours are calculated and the course grades are not added to the GPA, the joint semester is monitored with one of two symbols: (NP) passed without grade, (NF) failed without a grade. Passing is a requirement for registering all courses.

Those, who fail in the English language course, shall register the course in the summer semester at the rate of (8) hours instead of (4). As for the rest of the courses, their fees shall be paid as usual.

Note that Academic schedules and procedures are indicated in the academic calendar.