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English Club

English Club


Providing an ideal environment for Saudi Electronic University students to develop their English language skills in their academic and professional lives.


Providing an ideal learning environment for Saudi Electronic University students to engage among themselves in a meaningful activity that provides them with necessary means to enhance their English language skills within a conducive atmosphere that helps to improve their speaking and writing skills.



The English Club at the Saudi Electronic University aims to:

  • Prepare Saudi Electronic University students to be confident in their usage of the English language that meets the demands of the labor market needs.
  • Raise the level of English proficiency among students of Saudi Electronic University.
  • Enhance the ability to express their selves and discuss professional skills fluently and smoothly.
  • Develop students' basic skills such as reading and comprehension skills, as well as listening and critical thinking skills.
  • Develop writing skills.
  • Prepare university students for English proficiency measurement tests such as (IELTS Academic) or (STEP) and provide them with the necessary skills to be pass those exams successfully. 
  • Organize and develop social/behavioral skills that enhance speaking skills among club members, and participate in many activities (extracurricular).
  • Provide opportunities for university students to get certificates of courses and workshops that may enhance their academic portfolio.


  • Adel Khaled Alobeed/ Admin 2021-2022
  • Lama Mansour Alqahtani/ Chief 2021-2022
  • Zainab Jassim Abdulwahab/ Co-Chief 2021-2022
  • English language teachers at the Common First Year who are native and have experience in teaching English as a second language as well as highly qualified Saudi faculty members.
  • Students who would like to participate as members of the club.


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