English Course Questions

English Course Questions

English Course Questions

The English language course is considered a prerequisite for passing Common First Year in order for the student to join the academic specializations offered by the Saudi Electronic University.  As the English language is the academic study language for most disciplines in the university, students must obtain the required degrees in any of the standard language tests approved in the university whether it is the English Proficiency Test (STEP) that is provided by the National Center for Assessment, or the IELTS test, which is provided by the British Council. A requirement to pass the English language course for first-year students is to obtain the required scores in any of the standard language tests approved by the university.

What score is required to pass the STEP and IELTS for all majors?

Degree Required (The student is not required to obtain the year’s works and the equation is done directly) The minimum (the student is required to obtain the work of the year in order to complete the equation at the end of the year)
Common first year students all majors except for law and English ​83 ​​ 5.5 60 4
Law and digital media major 68 4.5 45 3
English major 83 5.5 65 4.5

How to register for STEP?

Registration is by opening a file for the student through the official website of the National Center for Assessment  in case of student deose not have an account before, then register in (STEP) test for undergraduate students,  after that pay for the test (in case of test is paid by student’s account).  If the test is announced by university, the university will pay the fees.

Is computerized STEP test different from paper test?

The computerized STEP test is identical to the paper test, it is available daily and should be booked maximum 72 hours before the test.

Are Saudi Electronic University students entitled to register for the computerized STEP test?


How often registration is allowed in university-paid STEP exams?

The university usually registers students twice, but students must choose a test’s location to complete the registration process.

  • End of the second semester of the Common First Year.
  • End of the summer semester if the student did not pass the English language course in the academic year.


If the student is unable to register for the university's STEP test because there is no available date to register for the test, what should the student do?

Registration for the university's STEP test is available at National Center for Assessment approximately a month before the test, and it is addressed for Saudi Electronic University students. Then the student receives an SMS to register if he\she listed in the STEP for students of the Saudi Electronic University. Afterthat the student must choose a suitable location as soon as possible in order to make sure there are available seats.

Can the STEP be performed on a student's account more than twice?

.Yes, it is possible, according to National Center for Assessment Policy

Are the total grades for the year (23) calculated when the scores fall on a score of 83 (STEP)?

The student benefits from total grades (23) if he does not obtain the required score in the STEP test and if he gets a score of (60) or more.

Is the equation done when the student obtains a score of (60) or more on the STEP test, which is paid by his personal account?

Yes, but the equation application must be submitted via University Website- login -- Academic procedures-English Language Equation- Add request and attach PDF file for the test result.

Is the equation done at the end of the first semester when obtaining (75) STEP scores?

In the event that the required score, which is (83), is not obtained, the equation will be done at the end of second semester.

Are there STEP courses in the summer semester on Black Word?

Currently not available, but there are training links on the Blackboard.

How to register for IELTS? What is the approved type in the Saudi Electronic University?

- IELTS registration is done through the British Council website at the following link:click here

The accredited test is the Academic IELTS test.

When can the student apply for the English equation if he\she register the test paid by his\her account ?

The icon is available from the beginning of the semester and closes a week before the (STEP) test provided by the university. You can apply for the equivalency through the university’s website → login → academic procedures → English language Equation → Add request and attach PDF file for the test result. 

Can student be excused of studying second semester once he passes (STEP) or (IELTS)?

Yes, he can if he obtains the required score based on his major.

If the student gets the required score in the IELTS or STEP test, does he need to complete the weekly plan and attend classes?

In the event that the student gets the required score for the test: (STEP: 83) or (IELTS: 5.5), he does not have to attend and follow the plan, and he must apply for the equivalency  but less than that, he is required to attend and follow the plan.

How does a student prepare for IELTS or STEP? What are the best references that can be used?

The student can prepare for the test by referring to several references to benefit from it, including:

Fahd Educational Series: Kifiyat 1, by Fahd Al-Babtain. The arts book and the necessary skills in the English language proficiency exams for Muhammad al-Tayyib.

As well as entering experimental tests in the search engines.

What is the mechanism used to calculate the grades for the summer semester?

The grades for summer semester are calculated through student participation in (Oxford System) only.

Is it possible to benefit from the total grades of the Common First Year in the English language equation of the summer semester?

No, it cannot. Each semester has its own grade .

Does the student have to register for the summer semester in order to be able to equate the English language?

In the event that you obtain the required score based on your major for STEP or IELTS test, registration for the summer semester is not required, but in case you get less than that, you must register.

What are the consequences of not passing the summer semester?

 Student will be suspended from university if he is unable to pass all the opportunities granted to him from Common First Year and summer semester.

Is studying in the Oxford program available to (complete,or fail ) in the course?

No. The program is only available to those enrolled in the course, and this means the program is available simultaneously with your registration for the course.