Amen Center for Occupational Safety and Health

Amen Center for Occupational Safety and Health

The center seeks to provide various training solutions, consultations, and research to contribute to raising the level of occupational safety to be compatible with the needs of the organization and its employees. Through its services, the center also seeks to establish many local and international strategic partnerships, to be the pioneer in terms of providing such services.


A distinguished academic, training and consultation environment that achieves quality standards in providing occupational safety and health systems and preserving facilities.


Developing security and safety aspects of various institutions by raising the efficiency of individuals’ performance, and providing the appropriate technical through innovative applications and solutions.


  1. Leading the field of innovative solutions related to occupational safety and health
  2. Raising the efficiency of institutions and their employees and enhancing institutional affiliation
  3. Preserving institutions by achieving the highest quality standards
  4. Creating a stimulating environment for innovation and excellence by providing various training, research and advisory tools


  1. Qualitative training courses
  2. Specialized scientific studies and research
  3. Offering consultations in such field of safety and health
  4. Establishing and developing effective strategic partnerships with relevant authorities locally and internationally.

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