The Arabic Language for Non-Native Speakers Center

The Arabic Language for Non-Native Speakers Center

Language is a bridge between civilizations, as languages are no longer merely a tool for communication, rather a vessel for diversity and cultural interchange, and a bridge for dialogue between civilizations to achieve the widest range of cooperation among people,

The Arabic language is widely used, as it represents the language of 22 countries and is spoken by more than 422 million Arabs. It is one of the most widespread languages, as it is a global language that needs to be used by more than a billion and a half billion Muslims around the world. It is one of the six approved languages in the United Nations and is celebrated by UNESCO every year.

Accordingly, the center was established, which in turn supports the status of the Arabic language and is devoted to providing various tools and solutions that would contribute to its outbreak around the world.


Contributing to spreading the Arabic language around the world.


Providing distinguished education of Arabic for non-native speakers, in accordance with the latest international standards and best practices in learning and teaching languages, through an integrated e-curriculum that helps spread Arabic and its culture around the world.


  1. Meeting the needs of teaching Arabic for non-native speakers through a comprehensive electronic program.
  2. Contributing to spreading Arabic, enhancing its distinguished role and position as a global language, and working on achieving the mission of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in serving Arabic.
  3. Contributing to spreading the prosperous Arabic culture, and participating effectively in promoting mutual understanding and coexistence among different civilizations and cultures.
  4. Presenting the Arabic language to non-native speakers within its contemporary eloquent normative context, and within its vital function, and linking its learning to life in light of successful tech educational experiences and approved standards.
  5. Promoting the values ​​of tolerance, coexistence, diversity and acceptance of others.


  1. A program consisting of several stages and levels that help develop individuals of various stages.
  2. Designing innovative tests that simulate the contemporary reality of the Arabic language in an eloquent Arabic style.
  3. To provide services compatible with the global content advocated by UNESCO.
  4. Blending self and virtual learning across an educational platform
  5. Designing motivational programs that add a new dimension of fun alongside with learning.
  6. Providing various written, audio, visual and interactive content that makes learning the Arabic language a unique experience.

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