Cybersecurity Center

Cybersecurity Center

Institutional data has a high significance and keeping its confidentiality is one of the most important technical issues. Thus, Cybersecurity is the first line of defense to preserve the electronic prosperity that any institution possesses, as any negligence in information security may lead to the loss of confidential information and private files, which causes risks to the entity's data.

The Cybersecurity Center provides the necessary solutions and supports the customer's IT team in ensuring the effectiveness of e-security systems, maintaining the security and privacy of information, and keeping information confidential of the institution and customers confidential; this would strengthen confidence and security in the use of technology, raise efficiency, and reduce burdens. In turn, a qualitative supportive turn would occur to various local and global sectors.


Leading Cybersecurity fields locally and globally.


Supporting IT teams to ensure the effectiveness of e-security systems.


  1. Supporting various sectors by providing the latest cybersecurity solutions to ensure the protection and integrity of information.
  2. To be the authentic entity for various cybersecurity services.
  3. Supporting the Kingdom's efforts of information security.
  4. Establishing and developing effective strategic partnerships with the relevant authorities locally and internationally.
  5. Offering consultation, training, and research services in the field of Cybersecurity.


  1. Activate Cybersecurity 24 hours.
  2. Support the internal IT team
  3. Provide necessary tools and frameworks to improve information security.


Types of services:

  • Training (awareness - certificates)
  • Research (private-public)
  • Consulting includes, but is not limited to, the following:


  • Information Security Assessment
  • Develop software safely
  • Awareness
  • Training of specialists

Investigation and analysis:

  • Cybersecurity monitoring
  • Detect security breaches and threats
  • Cloud Systems Security
  • Risk management and analysis


  • Tracking
  • Malware analysis

Center Contact

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Postel Code : 11673

Tell : 0112613789

fax : 0112613785