Digital Production Center

Digital Production Center

Technological production is characterized by flexibility and its components, tools, and capabilities of producing the final output are distinctive, as it provides a space to stimulate creativity and expand perceptions. Thus, the center was established that provides all the tools, training and consultancy solutions to support all institutions interested in this field.


To be the pioneering center in providing media and digital services, training, and consultations.


Providing creative solutions in media and digital solutions in terms of services, training and consultations in accordance with the highest professional quality standards, in order to achieve the aspirations of our partners.


  1. Creating a positive mental image for organizations upon an advanced scientific and professional approach.
  2. Concluding strategic agreements and partnerships with media and communication institutions inside and outside the Kingdom.
  3. Excellence in the field of digital content by using perfect tools and solutions to create visual and audio content.


  • Filming and publishing media campaigns, digital content marketing, etc.
  • Providing information and communication services at conferences, seminars, events, and exhibitions.
  • Providing consultations in media and digital solutions.
  • Professional qualification for public relations and media employees at public, private and non-profit sectors.

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