Entrepreneurship and Digital Innovation Center

Entrepreneurship and Digital Innovation Center

Entrepreneurial and innovative projects are among the most important elements of economic development, which the center seeks to be supportive of by providing various training, consulting and research services.


Creating a supporting and motivating environment for entrepreneurs and for various digital innovations


Providing pioneering and digital solutions in various fields of training, consulting and research services to achieve the goals of beneficiaries.


  1. Establishing strategic partnerships that support and stimulate entrepreneurs.
  2. Spreading the concept of entrepreneurship and tech innovation and opening the door to opportunities for distinguished partnerships.
  3. Supporting innovators and entrepreneurs with various training, consulting and research services.


  1. Providing training, consulting, and research tools for pioneers and innovators distinctively.
  2. Helping pioneers and innovators by providing various supporting tools.
  3. Transforming ideas into reality in cooperation with experts from various fields.
  4. Distinctive solutions to transform projects into pioneering and technically innovative ones.

Center Contact

E-mail : rsig@seu.edu.sa

Postel Code : 11673

Tell : 0112613789

fax : 0112613785