University Medical Business Center

University Medical Business Center

Medicine is one of the most honorable and humane professions, and due to the rapid development that humanity goes through, it has become necessary to conduct research and studies that keep pace with and enhance this development. Qualifying medical workforce requires a high level of experience and competence.

Thus, the University Medical Business Center was established. It provides many training, research, and consulting solutions to contribute to developing and enhancing the medical field.


Excellence in the field of medical business support through the center various services, which contributes to the establishment of distinguished and exceptional partnerships.


Providing various training, research and consulting solutions to keep pace with medical development.


  1. Excellence in providing training, research and consulting solutions
  2. Promote partnerships between hospitals and medical authorities
  3. Enhance the level of efficiency of medical workforce by providing training programs


  1. Conducting the required feasibility studies
  2. Providing various training solutions for various medical fields
  3. Providing experts and consultants to conduct research and provide advisory
  4. Qualifying medical workforce
  5. Working on, managing and supervising specialized medical training courses.

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