(Fath) Future Robot Engineers Bootcamp

(Fath) Future Robot Engineers Bootcamp
What is Fath Bootcamp?

A summer bootcamp to introduce youth to the basics and principles of robotics programming using easy and effective educational techniques and methods.

Bootcamp Goals

Getting youth, without any previous experience, to write short snippets of code to achieve pre-specified goals using simple yet an interesting programming language.

Enhance youth’s logical thinking and problem solving skills.

Stimulating arithmetic thinking and flexibility in computer programming in a fun and attractive way.

Introducing youth to self-learning skills and expanding their vision of learning artificial intelligence and robotics.

Benefits of joining the bootcamp

It will be delivered online by using the latest technologies and educational methods.

It will be delivered by expert faculty members from the Saudi Electronic University.

There will be a competition at the end of the bootcamp with prizes to motivate the participants to showcase their talents.

A certificate of attendance will be given to all participants.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the basics of AI and robotics.

Understand and apply the basic building blocks of programming a robot.

Get familiarity with the basic functions of a robot using the ROBO language.

Use sequence, control, and repetition structures to write ROBO language scripts.

Program, test, and debug a soft Robot to perform basic functions using RoboMind programming environment.

Bootcamp Stages

Bootcamp Structure

The Bootcamp will be delivered over two weeks.

10 training sessions, each session is of 2 hours.

The first hour will cover important theoretical concepts and the second hour focuses on practice with 1-3 programing exercises.

There will be several checkpoints and a competition at the end.

Lesson Plan






Introduction to Computer Hardware, Software, Programming. Introduction of AI and Robotics. Downloading and installing RoboMind.


Introduction to RoboMind IDE.

The Robot, RoboMind IDE. Basic Instructions for Movement, Paint, Grab, and See.


ROBO language Programming Constructs, Syntax highlighting, Comments and Sequence structure.

First Checkpoint



Repetition Structure, Loops in the ROBO language, repeat(n), repeat and repeatWhile loops.


Control Structures, If-structure, If-else structure and Break.


Logical operators [NOT, AND, OR] /Alternative notation / Logical expressions / Comparing numbers.

Second Checkpoint



User-defined procedures, Parameters and Return statement.


.Recursion and Arithmetic


.Variables declaration and definition / End Statement


Competition / Robot challenge


Bootcamp terms and conditions

  • Participant should be between 8 and 14 years of age.
  • To get the certificate of attendance, participant is obligated to attend all the sessions and submit all the assignments.
  • Fluent in the Arabic language.



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Please email us with any questions or concerns : ROBOTSCAMP@seu.edu.sa