About Research Institute


Research and Studies Institute provides studies, research and consultancy services to all sectors of the state, depending on the infrastructure of SEU, and taking advantage of the university's capabilities in various disciplines, high equipment, and information bases. The institute also has a network of distinguished experts and consultants from inside and outside the University, in addition to a specialized and highly experienced administrative staff.

The Institute provides its consulting and research services to sectors outside the University through innovative development solutions, which achieve added value for the University and add competitive value for sectors outside the University. The Institute is also committed to all laws and regulations related to its activities.

The Institute works to improve and develop consulting and research services provided to the society through continuous training and development, providing resources and an appropriate consultative environment for work, in addition to qualifying and developing the efficiency of all the Institute's staff through holding training courses and workshops, and determining training needs based on the requirements of the beneficiaries, work techniques, and the requirements of the stakeholders, exceeding their expectations and working on their satisfaction by providing high-quality competitive research and consulting services.

For Research and Studies Institute at SEU to be the top choice locally and regionally to provide research, studies, consultations, training services, and digital solutions.



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