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College of Health Sciences

College of Health Sciences

An Invitation to Attend a Lecture Entitled: How to Use APA Referencing Style


In order to develop the basic knowledge and understanding of statistical concepts in the field of health science and other fields, the Department of Public Health in the College of Health Sciences is pleased to invite you to a training course entitled: Applied statistical analysis for beginners: from data entry to results interpretation using SPSS.

Presented by:

  • Dr. Salah Al-Shagrawi, Head of the Public Health Department at SEU.
  • Dr. Mohammed Tanwir Akhtar, Ph.D. in statistics in College of Health Sciences at SEU.
  • Ms. Mawyah Bashatah, Faculty of Public Health Department in College of Health Sciences at SEU.
For 3 days, as shown in the table below:
Day Date Time



3:00 PM - 6:00 PM







Course Objectives:

  • Introduction to SPSS: Data entry, Data management.
  • Summarizing data: Numerically and Graphically.
  • Inferential and Adjusted analysis.


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Target Groups:

  • Those interested in research.
  • Master’s students.



  • The workshop will be in ENGLISH.
  • The workshop is for all student at the Saudi Electronic University.
  • All Training courses are virtually given to the students.
  • Priority is given to early registration.
  • A certificate of attendance is available, so please register.
  • For inquiries and concerns, please email us at: