College of Health Sciences

College of Health Sciences

About the program

The Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) program aims to qualify students for leadership roles in the health care sector. The program promotes leadership, cognitive skills and analytical capabilities using a global perspective and enables students with administrative skill sets necessary for effective and efficient leadership and management of health care institutions in both public and private sectors. Students gain the ability to work with policies, laws, problems and issues facing health care with a focus on areas of quality assurance, risk management and insurance, health care laws and regulations, ethics and other methods and modern practices in managing the health care environment. This program, in collaboration with Colorado State University, builds the capacity of health practitioners to lead and work in the field of health care administration, and upskilling them to meet and exceed the conditions of the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development and the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

program duration

 Successful completion of a  36 credit hours.

Coding ​ Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite​
level one
HCM500 Healthcare Systems 3 -
HCM502 Organizational Behavior and Human Resources in Healthcare 3 -
HCM505 Research Methodology in health management 3 -
Total 9
Second Level
HCM506 Applied Biostatistics in Healthcare Administration 3 HCM505
HCM515 Health Law and Ethics 3 HCM500
HCM 563 Healthcare Insurance 3 -
Total 9
The third level
HCM520 Quality and Patient Safety 3 HCM 500
HCM550 Healthcare Policy Analysis and Development 3 HCM 500
HCM565 Healthcare Finance 3 -
Total 9

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