College of Health Sciences

College of Health Sciences

About the Program

Healthcare quality and patient safety have become foundational elements of the healthcare system in Saudi Arabia. Recognizing the significance of an effective healthcare system, most healthcare facilities are developing robust programs and structures committed to enhancing outcomes through rigorous quality improvement and patient safety methods to accomplish their goal of advancing safe care delivery and improving patient outcomes. The widespread movement toward a safer care environment requires healthcare leaders who possess the essential knowledge, skills, and expertise in this field. The Executive Master of Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety program at SEU provides a comprehensive curriculum designed to drive strategic innovation in healthcare, foster a culture of quality and safety utilizing technology, reshape the leadership role focused on health care quality and safety, and promote the improvement of health care processes through evidence-based methods. Such effort is in line with the strategic goals of the Saudi Vision 2030 to improve healthcare quality in the country

Program Duration

 Successful completion of a  36 credit hours.

Coding ​ Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite​
First Level
HCM500 Healthcare Systems 3 -
HCM520 Quality and Patient Safety 3 -
Total 9
Second Level
HCM520 Quality and Patient Safety 3
HQS505 Evidenced-Based Research and Quality Assurance 3 HCM515
Total 9
Third Level
HQS510 Quality Measurement and Performance Improvement 3 HCM520
HQS515 Financial Management for Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Leaders 3
Total 9
Fourth Level
HQS520 Risk Management and Patient Safety 3 HQS510
HQS525 Technology and Health Informatics 3 HQS505
Total 9
Fifth Level
HQS530 Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care 3 HQS510
HQS535 Leadership and Management for Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety 3 HQS510
Total 9
Sixth Level
HCM550 Healthcare Policy Analysis and Development 3 -
HQS590 Capstone: Strategic Management in Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety 3 HQS510
Total 9

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