Achievements of the Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs

The University's Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs (formerly the University Vice Presidency ) has made many achievements, despite the recent establishment of the University. These achievements include:

Study Plans

The Development and reviewing of study plans for university educational programs at the undergraduate level in all Colleges of the university include: (four programs from the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences, one program from the College of Computing and Informatics, two programs from the college of Health Sciences and three programs from the College of Science and theoretical studies). The Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs insisted on the one hand, that the study plans shall be developed in accordance with the requirements of international and local academic accreditation. On the other hand, all study plans shall be subject to reviewing in order to ensure that these study plans meet the academic accreditation requirements of local and international accreditation bodies, and achieve the learning outcomes targeted by the university and their compatibility with modern trends in higher education.

​Course Development

The Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs during this short period of the life of the university has developed all the electronic courses for the educational programs provided by the university and made them available on the learning management system of the university in such a way that ensures the interaction of the educational process and meet all its requirements in the form of knowledge, activities, skills or others.

Introducing new educational programs

In response to the requirements of the labor market in the Kingdom, the Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs is expanding the list of the University's educational programs required by the labor market, which contribute to the development of the national economy. Some of the programs that have been recently introduced and open to applicants are:

​Bachelor's program in Public Health, College of Health Sciences.

Bachelor's program in Law, College of Science and Theoretical Studies.

Bachelor's program in English language and translation in the College of Science and Theoretical Studies.

Educational Technology

The Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs worked right after the establishment of the university to create an integrated electronic environment for the university in order to create an integrated electronic university campus that would qualify the Saudi Electronic University to be a benchmark in the blended learning model locally and regionally. The most prominent achievements in this area are:

Provision and operation of the ERP system (Wafi).

Provision ​​of the administrative communication program.

Provision and operation of Business Intelligence (BI).

Obtaining ​​​the exclusivity of the Blackboard license in the Kingdom and raise its capacity to more than one million users.

Integration of Blackboard platform and the Student Registration System "Banner" to ensure smooth transfer of academic performance of students from the educational platform to the student records system, particularly grades and assessment.

Continuous updating of the educational applications.

Professional Accreditation

In order to ensure a wider range of career opportunities for the university graduate, the Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs has sought to obtain professional accreditation for University degrees either by the Ministry of Civil Service or by professional associations. The following are the achievements in this respect:

Certificate of accreditation of a qualifying program from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the Bachelor of Health Informatics program.

Classification of the Ministry of Civil Service for the following programs: Accounting, E-commerce, information technology, Public Health and E-media; considering that these programs are suitable for the equivalent in the classification of jobs in Part III of the "Qualifications and appropriate fields of work".

The classification of the rest of the programs is under way.

Strategic Partnerships

The Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs contracted several strategic partnership agreements with distinguished academic partners as follows:

Franklin University.

Colorado State University - Global Campus.

Florida Institute of Technology.

Ohio University Center for International Studies.

​Reviewing of electronic courses

In order to ensure the quality of the educational process based on the standards and requirements of quality and academic accreditation, the Vice Presidency ​for Academic Affairs introduced the electronic coursework for reviewing by a neutral third party (University of Ohio) according to quality standards "Quality Matters".

The University's First Year Common​ program has also been evaluated as part of a partnership agreement with the office of Dr. Khalid Bin Abdullah Bin Dhaish for educational and administrative consultations in cooperation with the University of Auckland UniServices.