Dean's Word

Dean's Word

Dean's Word

Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the envoy as a mercy to the worlds, and to his family and companions and those who followed him with charity until the Day of Judgment and after:

      Common First Year is considered the first and most important step for a university student, and through which he enters a new and different stage from the general education stages. It is a critical stage that directed the enrolled students to the university requirements and behavior. Moreover, it is at the same time important to expand students' perceptions, diversify their attitudes, refine their talents and develop their capabilities research.

      The Deanship of  Common First Year aims to achieve the desired goals which are: upgrading the academic level of its students, creating the appropriate educational environment such as developing English language skills ,computers and various thinking skills.

      Perhaps one of our most important goals is to achieve the university’s mission and apply its vision that’s based on diversifying trends, developing skills, enhancing academic and professional performance. These aspects hope to create an educated and armed generation with all the capabilities that, make it able to take responsibility and go through the work of  public and private sectors with all merit. This is achieved  with God’s will the Great Vision of the country 2030.

        It is worth noting that blended learning system is the most important systems that students should be familiar with at Saudi Electronic University.  Deanship of  Common First Year wants to be established and rooted this system in its students for what benefits them.

        I ask God to inspire us, guide us to goodness, and guide us to what he loves and satisfies.

Dean of Common First Year
Dr. Nasser Hamad bin Sief