Continuing Education and Training Center

Continuing Education and Training Center

The center aims to provide training courses in administrative, technical and specialized areas, as well as self-building and development. In turn, all of such would contribute to developing workforce in scientific, administrative and technical areas, and it would positively reflect on the performance and increase the productivity of the employee and their institution.


Pioneering and excellence in providing comprehensive and continuous training and education opportunities that are compatible with the requirements of the labor market to advance the development of the future skills of community and its institutions locally and globally.


Providing leading and distinguished training, education and consultancy services in human development, knowledge and professional qualification, by using modern educational strategies and technologies, and innovative tools.


  1. Strengthening relations and communication of the Saudi Electronic University with all local community institutions by providing high-quality training, educational, technical and consultancy services.
  2. Activating the role of the Saudi Electronic University in developing the local and regional community in the technical, administrative, financial and legal fields.
  3. Investing in the University's human and technical resources in the field of training, education and consultations.
  4. Commitment to quality standards and effective management to conduct work efficiently and professionally.
  5. Increasing efficiency and raising the performance level of the center's partners in order to develop and provide them with the necessary technical, professional, and knowledgeable skills and expertise and to develop their capabilities to achieve their goals and future plans


  1. Providing training, educational, development and consultation programs professionally to meet the needs of the community and local, regional and international institutions.
  2. Cooperating with local, regional and international bodies, and establishing various partnerships by the Saudi Electronic University with public and private institutions, as this the actual role of the University.
  3. Providing the best training practices based on contemporary global guidelines.
  4. Conducting scientific studies in the fields of training, education, and development.

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