Experience Houses

Experience Houses

Experience houses in Research and Studies Institute of SEU

Expertise-houses are one of the considerable means of investing qualified and specialized human resources, financial and knowledge capabilities available at SEU, and harnessing them to serve the society in general. And this is by providing the opportunity for faculty members of SEU to benefit from their knowledge and experience in addressing social issues, and to contribute to the provision of distinguished consulting and research services to all segments of society and in all disciplines and scientific, academic, and research fields in return for appropriate financial returns.



The expertise-houses of SEU aim to enrich expertise and to provide consulting and research services in its fields of competence to serve all segments of society, as follows:

- Provision of distinguished scientific services and consulting, research, and scientific studies to society in all disciplines and fields and promoting the development of the principle of partnership between the University and the community.

- Provision of the University faculty members with the opportunity to provide scientific and consulting services and to contribute to building the knowledge economy.

- Document the association of faculty members with SEU through the provision of opportunity, and to provide financial incentives for distinguished among them to benefit from the Institute's activities.

- Create excellent opportunities that support the scientific practice of university students, thereby contributing to developing their capabilities through scientific and consulting services projects provided by expertise-houses.

- Employing the University equipment, financial and human capabilities, and its extended branches in all regions of the Kingdom to support development programs in the public and private sectors, and providing specialized technical support from laboratories, while compensating the University for the cost of its use of the proceeds of its practical and consulting service.

- Developing the capabilities of scientific and professional competencies specialized in various fields of knowledge.

- Participate in building the national expertise and consulting services sector, and develop academic advisory work to serve the local economy.

- Encourage scientific competencies on the path of the rapid progress of science and technology.
Achieve added value for the beneficiaries, including access to high-quality, cost-effective, specialized consulting services while protecting the financial and intellectual rights of all parties.


The mechanism for establishing a specialized expertise-house:

1. A faculty member submits a request to establish a specialized expertise-house by filling in the designated form.

2. The department concerned with the expertise-houses of the Institute studies the application and completes the legal procedures to approve the expertise-house by the Institute Board of Directors, and then the faculty member is notified of the decision of the Institute Board of Directors. Either with approval or rejection.

3. In case of approval, the necessary contract shall be concluded between the faculty member of the University (representing the expertise-house) and the Institute under the controls and procedures, and the practice license shall be delivered by the Institute.