eLearning Innovation Center

eLearning Innovation Center
About the Center

The Saudi Electronic University (SEU) is known for providing high-quality programs following the "blended learning" model using the latest eLearning technologies. The eLearning is a type of learning that provides educational content via an interactive environment using advanced technologies to enable the learner to access and interact with the content as a resource available any time, anywhere, synchronously or asynchronously.

The university has succeeded in applying the eLearning technologies by establishing strategic partnerships with many international institutions which made SEU an important provider of the latest educational technologies in the Kingdom. Therefore, to invest this success and in line with the Kingdom's vision 2030 in supporting local educational institutions to keep pace with the global changes and trends towards eLearning, the university established the eLearning Innovations Center (ELIC).

The eLearning Innovation Center is a house of expertise that brings the best international practices in eLearning and training by establishing partnerships with providers of innovative and important eLearning technologies. The center seeks to provide a range of services and initiatives that effectively serve the educational institutions in the Kingdom.


Delivering and developing innovative and important eLearning technologies.


Supporting educational institutions in the Kingdom to keep pace with global changes and trends towards eLearning and the Kingdom's Vision 2030 by providing a range of advisory and training services aimed at transferring the best practices, solutions, and global technologies in education, evaluation, and quality of eLearning.


Spreading the culture of eLearning.

Applying standard criteria to assess the quality of the design and production of eCourses.

Developing educational content in light of the latest eLearning strategies.

Providing technical advice to educational bodies and institutions.

Qualifying and training of faculty and assistant staff to employ eLearning methods in teaching strategies.

Strengthening relations between Saudi Electronic University, educational institutions, and investors.

Center Services

  1. Design and development of interactive academic e-courses and programs.
  2. Develop the reporting system in the learning management system.
  3. Providing specialized consulting services in the field of e-learning and e-training:
    •  Instructional design.
    •  E-assessment of student learning.
    • Evaluation of e-courses according to local and global quality standards.
  4. Providing training and qualification.
  5. Provide and propose technical solutions for the e-learning environment:
    • Training and qualification of faculty, students, and leaders of educational institutions to deal with e-learning management systems and enhance technical skills.
    • Develop specialized competencies such as electronic content design and e-learning teaching.
    • Training and qualification of technicians to provide technical support related to the learning management system and extract reports.

Professional Certificates

Professional Certificate in eLearning Excellence



Center Contact

E.mail: : elic@seu.edu.sa

Postel Code: : 11673

Tell: : 0112613789

Fax: : 0112613785