Scientific Research Deanship - Scientific Research Incentives

Scientific Research Incentives

Scientific Research Incentives

Scientific Research Incentives

The Deanship of Scientific Research seeks to teach science and teaching sciences for postgraduate students to benefit from research capabilities, as it provides solutions of study and support through fundings and training courses. In addition, it spreads the spirit of competition among them toward research excellence

Scientific Research Incentives Objectives

Providing an inspiring research environment.

Inspiring staff to make distinct research.

Spreading the spirit of competition among faculty members for the research excellence.

Encouraging researchers to publish in recognized journals.

Promoting SEU research role.

General Provisions

Applicants must be a faculty member at Saudi Electronic University.

Principle Investigator must be an assistant professor or above.

Principle Investigator should be the first listed on the published research.

Principle Investigator must finish the project within the announced timeline for this fund.

The research proposal is subject to evaluation, preference, and plagiarism detection.

Content similarity should not exceed 25%.

Proposal should not include figures. In the case of equations or tables, they are presented as written texts.

Filled-in form should be sent in “Word” format.

Principle Investigator must acknowledge the proposal not being submitted to another party.

The research outcomes should be published in Web of science, Scopus scientific journals or national peer reviewed journal.

Principle Investigator must mention his\her affiliation with the Saudi Electronic University only, without mentioning any other affiliation.

All published articles must include an acknowledgment of the Deanship of Scientific Research at SEU without any reference to any other funding party as follows: “The author/ authors extend their appreciation to the Deanship of Scientific Research at Saudi Electronic University for funding this work.”.

Not adhering to any of the above, will result into revoking your application.