Scientific Research Deanship - ZDataCloud: Research Data Collection and Governance System

ZDataCloud: Research Data Collection and Governance System

ZDataCloud: Research Data Collection and Governance System

ZDataCloud: Research Data Collection and Governance System at the SEU

The Saudi Electronic University (SEU) is pleased to introduce the ZDataCloud - a research data collection and governance system now available to all SEU faculty and students. As part of our commitment to enhancing research outcomes and promoting solid research data governance, ZDataCloud will function as the official platform for research data collection. The system will be integrated into all SEU research processes, including research grants, rewards, reviews, and faculty promotion. This article will delve into the benefits and advantages of using ZDataCloud for both researchers and the University.

ِAbout ZDataCloud Platform

ZDataCloud is a specialized platform designed for effective research data collection and robust research data governance. Developed by researchers, it aims to elevate research results by incorporating research methodologies and sampling techniques. This integration assists researchers in refining their research design and sampling. ZDataCloud sets the gold standard for research data quality and governance and is a step beyond electronic form applications like Google Forms or Survey Monkey.

While these e-form applications merely convert paper forms into electronic versions for ease of distribution and completion, they lack functionalities that support research data quality and research methods. ZDataCloud, on the other hand, was developed with a focus on research data quality. It integrates advanced functions and algorithms to enhance research study design and adheres to the governance principles outlined in ISO 37000 to automatically improve overall data governance. It is suitable for a variety of research projects, including surveys, laboratory data, and experimental studies.

To learn more about the benefits and capabilities of ZDataCloud for researchers, we invite you to watch the following short video: ZDataCloud Video.

Advantages and Benefits of SEU ZDataCloud for Research Data Collection and Governance

To fully comprehend the benefits and utility of ZDataCloud for research data collection and governance, it's recommended that you refer to the ZDataCloud User Manual. Here is a summary of the key advantages of utilizing ZDataCloud for your research projects:

  • ZDataCloud supports CATI (Computer Assisted Phone or face-to-face interviews), facilitating efficient data collection.
  • It allows unlimited data records for your research projects, enabling the collection of millions of responses or data entries for the same study.
  • The system provides accurate geolocation data and captures the IP address for each data record entry.
  • ZDataCloud includes a participant's consent function to securely capture and record participants' consent.
  • It allows you to generate a unique participant's ID that aids in monitoring submissions or data linking in longitudinal or multiple form research projects.
  • ZDataCloud enables the creation of a unique participation or data entry link that can be used only once, preventing unauthorized data entry and thus preserving the integrity of your data collection process.
  • The platform incorporates unique algorithms to support Quota and Stratified sampling techniques, thereby improving the quality of your research project.
  • It is the only data collection system that fully supports Randomized Controlled Triad and A/B testing, and optimizes randomized control trials by balancing demographic characteristics through advanced algorithms.
  • ZDataCloud is the sole data collection platform that supports pre-post test research design and allows researchers to include video material or infographic intervention for testing.
  • It supports longitudinal research design by enabling researchers to link submission records using the unique participant’s identifier.
  • ZDataCloud allows researchers to test participant eligibility, whilst retaining ineligible data records without including them in the final sample size.
  • After setting up your research project, ZDataCloud automatically generates a research codebook to facilitate data recoding for analysis software such as SPSS, and easy sharing of your data set.
  • It allows the creation of multiple data collection forms for your research project, which can be linked later using the unique participant or record identifier.
  • ZDataCloud fully supports Arabic (Right-to-Left) language.
  • The system offers various options for answer-types or data entry types, including free text, numbers, single choice, multiple choice, etc.
  • It supports conditional questions, allowing questions to be skipped or shown based on specific previous answers.
  • You can monitor your data collection progress in detail, categorized by Quota or Strata, if you're using these sampling techniques. For instance, if running a national survey across 13 Saudi Arabia regions with a specific quota for each, you can easily track the progress of data collection in each region.
  • ZDataCloud is utilized in official, large-scale national research projects such as the National Mental Health Survey Click Here

Benefits of Utilizing ZDataCloud for Research Data Governance at SEU

With its adherence to the ISO 37000 standard, ZDataCloud sets the gold standard for research data governance. It provides universities, research centers, and organizations with the tools needed to comply with research data governance standards. This compliance opens the door to the manifold benefits of well-governed research data, as outlined in the book "Navigating Research Data Governance: A Comprehensive Guide for Universities and Research Centers Toward a Data-Driven Institution". Implementing ZDataCloud at SEU will unlock the following advantages:

  • Unifies the research data collection platform across the university by generating and managing ZDataCloud users for all faculty members and students.
  • Facilitates audits of research data quality, integrity, and reliability.
  • Preserves research data produced by university staff and students, while documenting data ownership.
  • Ensures research data traceability.
  • Allows for the reuse and recycling of preserved research data, particularly in student research, thereby reducing costs, effort, and time spent generating new data.
  • Encourages staff and students to adhere to high-standard research ethics, data quality, and data integrity, thereby improving accountability for research data.
  • Protects the university and researchers' copyright for the datasets and their use.
  • Enhances the overall quality of the university's research, thanks to ZDataCloud's advanced research data functionalities.
  • Enables the usage of various datasets to generate added value, either by providing a broader perspective on specific topics or by feeding and training AI models.
  • Offers the potential for commercializing high-quality university research datasets through licensing.

In conclusion, ZDataCloud's robust research data collection and governance capabilities offer numerous benefits, making it an invaluable tool for universities and research institutions like SEU.


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