Scientific Research Deanship - E-Learning Initiative

E-Learning Initiative

E-Learning Initiative

Saudi Electronic University Research Initiative to Support E-Learning in Higher Education

In light of the current pandemic facing the world (COVID-19) which drastically altered people's daily life, one of the preventive measures is to employ technology in education, work remotely, and stay at home. This is without a doubt an important incentive to improve and plan for the future of the educational process in all countries of the world. 

SEU Being a pioneer in the field of e-learning in Saudi Arabia and a front-runner in dealing with challenges facing the educational system in such crises, by finding instant solutions and offering support by a group of faculty and researchers in various disciplines;

The Deanship of Scientific Research is pleased to launch an initiative to fund research projects to support E-learning in University/Higher Education and invites all interested researchers to submit their research proposals via Email. The Deanship will provide the necessary support for outstanding proposals to be completed within a period not exceeding (six months) from the date of signing Contract.


Themes and Domains:

  1. Challenges facing e-learning, especially during the transition to e-learning due to Coronavirus.
  2. Trends and future outlook for e-learning.
  3. The infrastructure of educational institutions and how they faced the sudden transformation to e-learning due to Coronavirus.
  4. Assessing the economic and social impact at this stage.
  5. Evaluating the role and impact of media, both traditional and digital.
  6. Evaluating the impact of social media in preventing and limiting the spread in such circumstances.
  7. Implementing artificial intelligence, big data, and informational programs to analyze, forecast, and extract important information.