College of Administrative and Financial Sciences

College of Administrative and Financial Sciences

Student Clubs

The College of Administrative and Financial Sciences is pleased to invite their students to participate in the nomination of Student Clubs for the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences for the year 2020/2021.

Student clubs are an important forum for discovering, developing social and leadership talents, and they enhance the spirit of teamwork, and encourage innovation and creativity among students. Clubs are also a scientific, cultural, social, and artistic center that enables students to communicate with the pioneers in their fields inside and outside the university. Also, clubs can help foster students’ talents and showcase their capabilities. 

Business Club



Student Club Business Club
President Riyadh Al Muqhim
Vice president Hanan Al Harbi
Vision To be active in student development with foundations that support sustainabledevelopment and support community development.
Mission -   The club will foster a stimulating environment characterized by anorganizational culture that emphasizes performance, teamwork, learning anddevelopment
Goals Presenting a range of social, artistic, technical and support activities in a way that suits all students and works to discover their talents, develop their skills, and provide them with the knowledge and know-how that builds their personalities and protects them from the risks they may face, in a safe environment that allows them to adapt and harmonize with university life and society.
Activity1 SEU Business Club Podcast


entrepreneurSEU Business club



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Accounting Club


Student Club Accounting club
President Alaa Mahmoud Aldali
Vice president Abdelrahman Abdelnabi
Vision Helping to prepare a generation with distinctive and innovative experiencesand skills in the field of accounting
Mission Providing introductory meetings about the accounting major, professionalcertificates, and its fields of work

1-  Educating students about everything related to accounting and the fieldsof work.

2-  Enhancing students ’affiliation with the accounting major

3-  Preparing students to know the needs of the labor market forspecialization

4-  Supporting students while they are at the university

Activity 1 An orientation meeting about professionalcertifications for the accounting major
Activity 2 entities for training inaccounting Preparing a PDF file containing


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E-Commerce Student Club



Student Club

E-Commerce Student Club


Nabeel Taresh

Vice president



Invest student’s energy and knowledge to contribute to the kingdom 2030 vision through ecommerce practices.


The mission of E-Commerce Student Club is to develop skilled and innovative students in ecommerce field to lead ecommerce industry in the kingdom.


Assist students to start the-  online businesses 

-        Help students to link theory with practical best practices

-        Foster student-college relationship

-        Increase the awareness about ecommerce

-        Connect students with ecommerce companies in the kingdom

-        Share Knowledge and support e-commerce business owners in SEU


Activity 1

E-Commerce shape in Saudi Arabia. Presentation and discussion

The goal of this activity is to share knowledge about the opportunities in the market.


E-commerce: from zero to hero

Workshop will take attendees through practical journey on establishing e-commerce store in Saudi Arabia.


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Finance Club



Student Club:



Reem Saad Saeed Alotaibi

Vice president:

Abdullah Ali Mohammed Alqarni


The vision of this pioneering financial and economic sciences club is to serve students, society, and enrich knowledge and financial culture.


To prepare capable and competent leaderships, increase entrepreneurial atmosphere, achieve the college’s goals, enrich students and community’s knowledge to absorb the current and future financial and economic changes to be in line with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision.


1- To enrich students’ thinking of financial knowledge outside of the course curriculum.

2- To building students' leadership characteristics and abilities to plan, organize and implement activities at the university level.

3- To create an atmosphere of competition, creativity, and teamwork.

4- To enhance students’ abilities to face challenges and deal with them.

Activity 1: To create finance introductory video
Activity 2: To definition and explanation of CFA (chartered financial analyst program).



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