College of Administrative and Financial Sciences

College of Administrative and Financial Sciences

College of Administrative and Financial Sciences


The bachelor of business administration (Management) is a comprehensive program that covers the main areas required for practicing management in various organizations. The academic plan covers the functional and strategic aspects of management practices. From the functional perspective, the academic plan covers the various functional practices in the organization, such as financial, human resources, and operation practices. On the other hand, from the strategic perspective the academic plan covers the organization’s administrative strategies and policies, organizational behavior, information circulation within the organization, and the use of modern technology. In addition, the academic plan focuses on the practical skills by including case studies in most courses, as well as various methods of teaching and evaluation.

Graduate Skills

Offering specialized and excellent programs that qualify and create leaders who are capable of innovating and developing. Business administration graduates are capable of working in the human resources field in various sectors; whether it is small or large enterprises, or in public or private sector.

Marketing and management graduates can continue their higher studies in marketing and management fields, which enables them to work in research centers, universities, and other scientific organizations.

Marketing graduates can work in various marketing fields in various services and production sectors.

Qualify and develop administrative talents and professional leaders that are capable of leading organizations’ sectors, such as employees’ affairs, human resources, and executive secretary.

Job Opportunities

1-Manager, General Manager, Head of Section, Division Manager, Director

2- Administrative Development Researcher, Organizational Researcher , Organizational Specialist.

3- Planning Researcher, Planning Specialist.

4-Section Chief, Section Chief Assistant .

5- Administrative Inspector Assistant, Administrative Inspector

6- Administrative Supervisor Assistant, Administrative Supervisor.

7-Administrative Investigator, Administrative Investigator Assistant .

8- Staff Affairs Supervisor , Staff Affairs Auditor, Salaries Auditor.

9- Staff Affairs Researchers, Staff Affairs Consultant.

10-Recruitment Exams Researcher.

11- Researcher Assistant, Researcher, Consultant.

12- Jobs Analyst.

13- Workforce Researcher , Workforce Consultant.

14- Systems Researcher or Consultant ​.

15- Assistant Workforce Researcher, Workforce Researcher, Workforce Specialist.

16- Systems researcher, systems specialist.

Head's Word

In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful.

We praise God, and seek His help and guidance, pray, and greet the most honorable of creation and messengers, our prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace.

Management science is applied to all aspects of our lives to achieve desired goals. Therefore, the Department of Business Administration at the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences focuses on theoretical fundamentals and updated global practices, which in turn refine students’ skills and develop their knowledge by qualifying students to contribute, innovate, and develop in the field of business administration with its theory and classifications that are included in the business administration program. Starting from the fundamentals of administration through projects management, operations management, developing strategies, and tools to help in marketing science practices, and do not forget quality control and behaviors that must be followed inside and outside organizations, whether profit or non-profit organizations. Finally, the program includes technology management and knowledge management to make the appropriate decisions and use its tools. Also, how to manage small businesses and entrepreneurship within their various types, due to the importance of those topics correlated to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and its impact on the local economy.

To prepare students and adapt them to the Saudi market and apply the theories and knowledge they have acquired through the business administration program over the four years, students apply and practice what they have learned in intensive cooperative training at the end of the bachelor’s program to empower them achieving their practical goals in the future. In addition, there are three master's programs in cooperation with Colorado University to meet the market need to expand students' horizons of in-depth and focused knowledge in the field of business administration.


God grants success,,,


Head of Business Department

Dr. Majed A. Helmi