Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Required Documents

Certified copy of the bachelor degree.

Certified copy of the academic transcript.

Certified copy of the equivalency document from Ministry of Higher Education for overseas Bachelor degrees.

A copy of the national ID card for Saudi students.

A copy of valid residence card (Iqamah) for non-Saudi students.

A copy of the mother's national ID card for non-Saudi students from Saudi mothers.

A copy of the English test score (IELTS or STEP), which must not be more than two years old.

The original certificate of GAMT or GRE, if available.

The initial admission notification.

Stages of Admission

Stage ​ Process Responsibility
1 Applying online during admission period Applicants
2 Initial sorting according to application data Deanship
3 Process of Ranking and Selecting Colleges
4 Ensuring applicant's fulfilling of conditions and requirements Deanship
5 Initial acceptance and submission accepted list to the postal authority Admission