Deanship of Graduate Studies, Research and Innovation - FAQs




What are the degrees offered by Saudi Electronic University?

SEU offers a Master’s degree (regular). Programs can be found on the Graduate Studies Programs .

Is the Master's degree offered by SEU accredited?

SEU is like other Saudi universities, and it adopts a modern learning style that differs from the typical learning style in other public universities. Yet the awarded certificates are (regular learning style).

Are there Ph.D. programs?

At the moment, no.

Is SEU accredited abroad if I want to complete my studies there?

External accreditation follows the third-party regulations and laws, as it is in other universities.

Can I pursue a Ph.D. degree abroad after getting a Master's degree from SEU?

External accreditation follows the third-party regulations and laws, as it is in other universities.

Does the university accept students who have obtained a university degree by affiliation or distance learning?

Yes, graduates of affiliation or distance learning from universities can apply to graduate programs.

I got my bachelor's degree abroad (outside KSA). Can I apply for admission into the Master's programs?

Yes, you can apply, but the Ministry of Education must accredit the degree, and the accreditation results should be submitted.

Can non-Saudis enroll in the university?

Yes, non-Saudis with valid residency can apply for postgraduate programs.

Is the university free?


How much is the Master's degree fee?

Tuition fees can be found here.

(noting that the fees do not include  VAT).

Is VAT calculated on fees at the university?

Based on the added tax system, the tax will be calculated as follows:

For Saudis: 0% VAT, as the country covers VAT for educational services to citizens.

For non-Saudis: VAT is 15%

What are the fees for the preparatory semester / introductory program for some postgraduate studies?

Tuition fees for the preparatory semester / introductory program can be found here.

Is attendance required in the university?

Yes, there are face-to-face classes at the university.

Are there face-to-face classes in the evening shift?

In SEU, face-to-face classes of postgraduate programs are held only in the evening shift.

What are the admission requirements for Master's programs?

Admission requirements can be found here.


Does the university have an English language test?

The university does not have a language test, but the student must register at the test sites authorized by the university, as shown here.

What are the English language tests approved by the university?

The required English tests are stated in the admission requirements.

What is the required score in the English language tests approved by the university?

The required score differs according to the program. The required score is listed in the the admission requirements page.

My bachelor’s degree was in English. Can submitting the English language tests condition be waived?

The applicant is exempted from submitting the result of one of the approved language tests only in the following cases:

  • SEU graduates are exempted from this condition provided that their bachelor’s program was taught in English, and a with a cumulative GPA of no less than (3.5 out of 4.00) or higher.
  • students who have obtained a bachelor’s degree from universities in countries where the native language is English* and the universities are recognized by the Ministry of Education are exempted. (* USA - Canada – UK - Australia - New Zealand.)

Must the applicant submit academic recommendation letter?

No, academic recommendation letter is not a requirement

Must the applicant submit an employer consent letter (if applicable) ?

No, employer consent letter is not a requirement.

How are students informed about the admission result?

Text messages are sent to students according to the admission timetable announced by the Deanship of Graduate Studies and research and innovation

Is there a personal interview during the admission process?

Some offered programs require a personal interview.

When will registrations start?

It will be announced on SEU website (, the university and deanship Twitter accounts, enough time before the opening of admission.

How can one apply to the university?

Applying to the university is online through the admission portal.

How can one send documents?

Document submission and confirmation details will be announced on the admission calendar, as shown here.

How do I submit the required documents for admission?

You can upload them using the admission portal when you fill out your application.

When should I upload the required documents for admission?

The required documents for admission should be uploaded when applying or before the application deadline.

I couldn't get the required English test results before the initial admission deadline. Is there an exception after the deadline?

The language test requirement must be met before the end of the period for receiving applications for admission through the electronic portal, and there are no exceptions.

How does the student know the result of admission?

  • Via the admission portal.
  • Text messages are sent to students according to the admission timetable announced by the Deanship of Graduate Studies.

How long is the postgraduate program?

It depends on the study plan for each academic program. For more information, kindly check the study plan for the Graduate Studies Programs on the website.

How long is the Pre-MBA semester? What are the Pre-MBA courses?

Pre-MBA semester for the Business Administration program in the summer semester includes four introductory courses in management, in which the student is tested at the end of the semester.


How long is the Pre-Data-Science program?

Two semesters, 24 credits, for one year.

How long is the Pre-Cyber-Security program?

Two semesters, 27 credits, for one year.

Can I postpone my first semester at SEU?

It is not possible to postpone the first semester, but a request to postpone admission can be submitted in the period available for that before the start of the first semester




What is the minimum required credits to register each semester?

The minimum required credits to register each semester is 6 credits and the maximum is 12 credits.

What are the minimum scores students must get to pass Pre-MBA courses?

Students must score 70 % to pass the course, and it is not calculated in the GPA.

Does the graduate student with a GPA less than a very good grade get a graduation certificate?

No, they don’t, according to article 39 of the unified regulations for postgraduate studies in Saudi Universities.

Is the university going to open new majors and when?

Yes, it is. The university will announce it on the Graduate Studies Programs page in the coming years.

How can I contact the Graduate Studies Deanship?

Phone: 0112613500 


Twitter:  @dgs_seu