What are the degrees offered by Saudi Electronic University?

SEU offers bachelor's and master's degrees.

What are the admission requirements for master's programs?

Find the admission requirements here.

Does the university offer an English language test for application?

The university does not offer any English language tests, and the applicant must register at the test sites recognized by the university, for more information click here.

Is the Master's degree offered by SEU recognized?

SEU is a governmental university that grants a recognized certificate from the Ministry of Civil Service and the Ministry of Education.​

Is the Saudi Electronic University recognized abroad if I want to complete my studies there?

External recognition follows the third-party system and laws, as other universities.

How can one apply to the university?

Find the admission requirements here.

How can one send documents?

The method of delivering the document to be checked by SEU will be announced after having an initial approval.​ Find the admission requirements here.

When will the admission to the university begin?

This is announced through admission page, here.

Can non-Saudis apply for graduate studies at SEU?

One of the conditions to be accepted in the graduate studies programs is to be a Saudi citizen or, if non-Saudi,  have an official scholarship for graduate studies.

How are non-Saudi students of Saudi mothers admitted?

They have admitted only if Saudi students provided a copy of the mother's national identity.

How does the student know the result of admission?

Via email and the admission site.

Is the University going to open new majors and when?

 Yes, it is. In the coming years, the University will announce new majors on the website and Twitter accounts.

Is studying at SEU for free or I should pay tuition fees?

Yes, you should pay the tuition (See tuition page), it is not free.

How much is the Master's degree fee?

See tuition page, here.

Is attendance required in the University?

Yes, there is attendance to both face-to-face and virtual classes.

Are face-to-face classes in the morning or the evening?

In SEU, face-to-face classes for postgraduate programs are held in the evening time only.

How can I communicate with the Graduate Studies Deanship?

Service Desk: https://sd.seu.edu.sa/

Email: dgs@seu.edu.sa

Twitter: @dgs_seu

My Bachelor's degree was in English, can the ILETS be waived?

No, applicants must submit IELTS results or any other equivalent.

How long is the graduate program?

It is usually three years and a half. However, the period can be less than that if the student increases the number of credit hours per semester.

Is it required to submit recommendation letters?

Two recommendations are required when applying to all programs.​ Find the admission requirements here.

Are there Ph.D. programs?

 No, there are not.

Can students, who have affiliate bachelor’s degrees, be admitted to the University?

Programs currently offered, do not accept certificates of affiliation and distance education.

What is the minimum score students must get to pass Pre-MBA courses?

Students must score 70 percent to pass.

What is the required GPA score for Pre-MBA courses?

There is no GPA in Pre-MBA courses.

Does the graduate student with a GPA less than a very good grade receive a graduation certificate?

According to article 39 of the unified regulations for postgraduate studies in Saudi Universities.

What are the English language tests approved by the university?

The English tests as stated in admission requirements here.

How long is in Pre-MBA semester? What are the Pre-MBA courses?

Students, who do not have Business Administration BA, should complete the pre-requisites in one term, and need not attend classes during the term. But, they must pass the final exam.