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Studying at SEU

Studying at SEU

New eLearning Model

Saudi Electronic University aims to provide quality educational services in a learner-centered environment. The University has adopted a New eLearning Model that meets the needs of learners in a knowledge age in a technological environment that utilizes ICTs, supports self and collaborative learning, and decreases the learner's isolation in the distance learning environment by combining direct education (face-to-face). Both simultaneous and asynchronous, in a blended model that combines their respective advantages.

The New eLearning Model at Saudi Electronic University achieves the ideal balance between both face-to-face and e-learning activities to provide students with a diverse and integrated learning experience that includes direct lectures, simultaneous virtual lectures, and concurrent/asynchronous electronic activities (Blackboard).

Partnership with Colorado State University- Global Campus

Graduate programs are offered with a global partnership and accredited by Colorado State University-Global Campus, USA. The Saudi Electronic University established the partnership with Colorado State University to transfer expertise, qualifying Saudi competencies, and provide them with knowledge and expertise in the field of graduate studies. As well as to promote graduate studies programs so that their outputs are following the aspirations and hopes placed upon them in the graduation and qualification of national cadres to participate in the national development process and the scientific renaissance in our country.