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About the Program

Through the efforts of the Saudi Electronic University and the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences to be an effective part in achieving the Kingdom's vision 2030, the Master of Business program in the specialization of Digital Marketing has been designed to prepare Saudi graduates competencies and skills to allow them to effectively participate in the digital transformation of business at the local and global levels, and as a response to the rapid growth of digital commerce and social communication and its effects on the business environment.

Moreover, this program is the first of its kind in the region to obtain professional accreditation by the Digital Marketing Institute (Ireland), which is considered one of the most prominent professional accreditation bodies specialized in digital marketing.

This program uniquely blends business, leadership and digital marketing skills theories and practices to prepare students for dealing with a fast and changing global economy

Program Objectives

The MBA program (Digital Marketing) aims to enable students to:

Develop comprehensive strategic marketing plans for digital and non-digital business environments

Apply various decision-making tools to enhance and develop the consumer journey

Effective utilization of websites, search engines and social media platforms to increase brand value and creative marketing

Apply digital marketing analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

Admission Requirements


  • Graduate assessment tests such as GMAT or GRE are not required, but they can be attached as support for acceptance when preference is given to applicants.
  • Students who hold a bachelor’s degree in a field other than business administration are required to pass the Pre_MBA semester before the final admission to the program.



Riyadh (Male – Female)

MBA in Digital Marketing – Program Structure

Pre MBA Courses - Digital Marketing
Coding Course Name ​ Credit Hours Prerequisite


Principles of Accounting




Principles of Management












Coding ​ Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite​
First Academic Year - First Semester
ECN500 Global Economics 3
RES 500 Academic Writing and Research Skills 3
FIN500 FIN500 3
Total 9
First Academic Year - Second Semester
MGT560 Leadership Development 3 ECN500+RES500
MKT500 Digital Marketing Management 3 ECN500+RES500
MGT510 Strategy Planning 3 ECN500+RES500
Total 9
Second Academic Year - Third Semester
MKT560 Online Marketing and Social Media Channels 3 MKT500
MKT540 Consumer behavior and the Customer Journey 3 MKT500
MKT600 Brand Mangement in a Digital world 3 MKT500
Total 9
Second Academic Year - Fourth Semester
MKT610 IMC Meets Digital Campaign Planning 3 MKT540
MKT640 Digital Marketing Analytics 3 MKT540
MKT 675 Research Project 3 Completion of 27 hours
Total 9
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