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College of Science and Theoretical Studies

College of Science and Theoretical Studies

Academic Advising Definition

This task is assigned to faculty members who provide counselling, guidance, and advice services to students. In addition to introducing students to the study rules and regulations, helping them develop their abilities, and supporting them to overcome any obstacles that may affect their academic progress negatively.

Academic Advising Objectives

  • Support new students at SEU to adapt and adjust to university life.
  • Support and assist students to in order to develop their academic skills up to the required level.
  • Encourage and support outstanding students to distinguish themselves further.
  • Support students who are struggling academically to help them overcome any weaknesses/failures in academic achievement, and limit withdrawal and academic dropout.
  • Achieve quality learning by providing integrated services to students, and graduate professionals qualified practically and academically.

Student Responsibilities

  • Student​​ take full responsibility for their performance and academic transcripts in the electronic system.
  • Student should be in a constant contact with their college, instructors and academic advisors.
  • Students should participate during lectures and discussions.
  • Student should respect lectures time and assignments deadlines.
  • Student​ should be aware of the academic calendar and announced dates of postponement, deletion and other services.
  • Students take responsibility of following updates and announcements, whether via E-mail, billboard, website, or (blackboard).
  •  Student​​​ ​take responsibility of reading the rules & regulations.
  • For study and exam rules & regulations visit the page Click here​.​

Contact Us

For inquiries, please contact the academic advising committee at College of Science and Theoretical Studies, contact page Click here