College of Science and Theoretical Studies

College of Science and Theoretical Studies

​Dean - Chairman

Dr. Bader Bakhit Al-Moudaraa

Vice Dean -Females Section

​Dr. Soha Mohammed Fallata

Vice Dean

Dr. Waleed Abdulaziz Abalkhil

Vice Dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research

Dr. Uthman Ahmed Albjadi

Head of Arabic Language for non-speakers Department

​Dr. Abdulmohsen Salem Aloqaili

Head of Law Department

Dr. Abdulrahman Hassan ALanbari

Head of English Language and Translation Department

Dr. Noha Abdullah AlOwedi

Head of Humanities Department

Dr. Yahya Mohammed Al-Amin

Head of Electronic Media Department

Dr. Shaker bin Ali Althiabi

​​Head of Basic Studies Department​​​

Dr. Aesha Mohammed Najem