College of Science and Theoretical Studies

College of Science and Theoretical Studies

College of Science and Theoretical Studies


The College of Science and Theoretical Studies offers a Bachelors degree in Law, aiming to provide an excellent academic program that keeps up with legislation developments and creates interaction between Sharia laws and governing laws. In addition to developing students skills through, it present knowledge using technological teaching methods, in order to prepare specialized talents qualified for participating in various modern development sectors.

Graduates Skills

Program learning outcomes:

Understand the Saudi legal environment in all legislative, regulative and judicial fields. This will promote competence in the field for students to achieve high qualifications.

Develop the ability to take independent action in order to deal scientifically and professionally with legal cases, and meet the labor market needs for legal cadres who are scientifically and practically qualified.

Prepare graduates who are capable of understanding and highlighting Saudi law specifications.

Job Opportunities

Legal consultant at legal departments in any civil or military government sector.

Legal consultant at the Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution.

Legal positions in the Ministry of Justice.

Work at the Bureau of Experts at the Council of Ministers and the Shura Council.

Work at legal departments in large companies.

Working as an attorney. ​

Legal adviser to a private sector enterprise.

​Supporting positions within the judiciary.

As secretariats of committees with jurisdiction.

Government bureaus and national associations concerned with human rights.

Diplomatic and administrative positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Regional and International organizations that the Kingdom joins.

Department Head's Address

On my behalf and on behalf of my colleagues, I welcome you to the Department of Law, College of Science and Theoretical Studies, Saudi Electronic University.

The importance of the pioneering role of the science of law in the advancement of countries and societies is not hidden, and based on this importance, the Department of Law is one of the pillars of the college. As it seeks to achieve the college’s vision and mission to achieve the university’s strategy and achieve the aspirations of our ambitious country with its three pillars in the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. The department includes a distinguished elite of faculty members in various branches of law, and they teach efficiently and distinguishably in the various programs offered by the department, whether in the bachelor’s or in the Graduate Studies.


All members of the department seek to empower students with legal knowledge and its origins, and to provide them with legal skills. From scientific research, legal adaptation, and the presentation of supporting arguments and arguments in building their ideology and their path through the adoption of a scientific legal methodology based on a combination of the theoretical and applied side and keenness on the legal side, according to what was stipulated in the Basic Law of Governance as the Constitution of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Department of Law in the College of Science and Theoretical Studies is characterized by the specificity of the approach followed in teaching law, as it combines the theoretical side by teaching courses in the two main branches of law, public law and private law, and the practical side related to strengthening the student’s skills in the field of commenting on judicial rulings and answering study cases represented by In legal assumptions to train students in consulting with the use of distinct education techniques made available by the university to its students.


The department contributes to supporting the labor market and providing students with the opportunity to achieve their ambitions and aspirations. To be able to carry out legal work in various fields and to provide research and specialized scientific studies to contribute to the graduation of an influential and productive generation in the process of construction and development in the Kingdom, which is led by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and his trustworthy Crown Prince.


           Dr. Nafea ALsehli 

Head of the Department of Law