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College of Science and Theoretical Studies

About the Student Rights System

In confirmation of the care given by the Saudi Electronic University to its students, and its belief in the importance of an appropriate environment in which transparency, justice, fairness and equality prevail among its students to improve quality in university education and enhance the values of educational practice, and given the fact that the student is the primary focus of the educational system, the Saudi Electronic University assures The rights of students and seeks to make them aware of their rights and responsibilities towards others, to consolidate student affiliation with the university. To achieve this, the Saudi Electronic University hopes that all its members, including faculty and staff, fulfil their duties and obligations. The university has set up committees to protect student rights at two levels:

1\ Main Committee for Student Rights Protection (at the university level)
It considers complaints against the university’s administrative units, as well as students’ objections against previous rulings of the subcommittee, in addition to complaints that were not decided by the subcommittee.

2\ Sub-committees to protect the rights of students (at college level)
It is the first destination for the student, and it is the authority that deals with all students’ complaints related to educational and administrative matters except for complaints related to the university’s administrative units outside the college’s framework.

The importance of these committees lies in the fact that they are an independent body that monitors students' rights, examines their administrative and academic observations and complaints in an impartial manner, and deals with them in a professional and codified manner, with a specific time frame that reflects positively on the university and its educational environment.

Members of the Student Rights Sub-committee


Chair of the Committee Dr. Soha Fallata
Member Dr. Rawan  Alakeel
Member Ms. Noora  Alrasheed
Member Two students from the College
Committee Secretary Ms. Aram alhwirini


The objectives of the Student Rights Sub-committee

Consider academic grievances and complaints of students.

Consider the students ’complaints and complaints.

Consider applications submitted by students during the time period specified in the regulations.

Respond to requests received by students during the specified time period.

Send appeal application to the main student rights committee.

Raising the level of students’ awareness in the college of the regulations and rights guaranteed by the Saudi Electronic University.

The tasks of the Student Rights Sub-committee

The sub-committee is working to protect the rights of students in the college.

They seeks to support the rights of the student and enable them to complain, if they do not fulfil one of their rights stipulated in the system, according to specific procedures as stipulated in the student rights document at the university.

Enabling the student to enjoy their university rights and how to obtain them through their official channels within the university.

Introduce the student to the correct way in the complaint submission and filing mechanism and attach appropriate evidence to prove their complaint.

Study complaints and adjudicate them according to the rules and regulations stipulated.

Enabling the student to follow the progress of the complaint from the date of filing it until it is answered by the authority responsible for it.

Student Responsibilities

The student submits their complaint or grievance after obtaining what proves their communication with the party concerned with the complaint or grievance without obtaining a response or in case of dissatisfaction with the response.

The applicant must submit the application, taking into account the accuracy and clarity necessary in his complaint or grievance.

The student should attach a proper evidence that prove their eligibility to submit the application.

The student should not file a malicious complaint or grievance so that they are not subject to accountability and discipline according to university regulations.

The student should not provide any false evidence or documents.

The request should be submitted via the system, and any requests sent to the e-mail will not be dealt with.

University bylaws and regulations (links of interest to you)

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Common inquiries

When applying via the student rights icon, you must first make sure to contact the responsible party first, as shown in the table below:

Party Inquiries Responsible
Contact the Deanship of Common First Year Regarding Common First Year Courses
- Computer Essentials
- Fundamentals of Mathematics (Law and E-media students contact CSTS)
- Academic Skills
- Communication Skills (Law and E-media students contact CSTS)
- English language skills
English Language Equivalency
- STEP Exam
Use Student Services first then contact the Deanship of Admission and Student Affairs Issues regarding:
Issuance of University ID
Paying university fees
Graduation certificate
Postponing a Semester
Contact the College email
Reinstate after academic dismissal for CSTS students
Contact the College Equivalency email
Islamic Culture Courses Equivalency
Contact course instructor first then if problem is not solved contact the college vis Da’am system

Issues with courses of CSTS such as
Attendance of classes
Objection on assignment evaluation/mark
Objection on coursework midterm/ final/ makeup exam mark

Contact the collage via Da’am System
Unaccepted lectures/exams excuses
Attending exam certificates
A complaint about a grade of mid/final/alternative exam
Complaint about a faculty member
Objection and complaint on accusation of cheating
Contact the collage via Da’am System Issues with course registration

Contact IT support via Da’am System

Technical issues

Contact us

The Student Rights Committee at the College of Science and Theoretical Studies (CSTS) is the body charged with receiving complaints of CSTS students and study them according to the rules and regulations of the Student Rights at the Saudi Electronic University. You can communicate with CSTS Student Rights, click here.